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Dec 21, 2006 12:58 AM

Take Home Uncooked Meals

Is there a place or company or grocery store or restaurant that gives you all the ingredients to cook a meal for 2 at home? I'm thinking of something different for my fiancee's birthday and I think that would be fun!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There is "Dream Dinners" but I think you cook a whole WEEK'S worth of food, check out their website

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        Yes, and a whole week of pretty gross food at that. Think sysco in the comfort of your own freezer...

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          dream dinners is probably not what the original poster is looking for.....but, I have to disagree with sll.

          No, it's not "home cooking" the way I would do it. But, it's very healthy (no or very few preservatives), meat is high quality, and it's more economical than shopping. So - if you're trying to be heatlthier than take-out, but don't have time for home cooking on a regular basis - I highly recommend it.

          With one caveat -- I usually triple or quadruple the "flavor" ingredients in the recipe. That way, my husband won't lose too much weight:)

      2. Trader Joe's has a lot of stuff that you could make for two. A date did that for me one time - I know you are engaged. He picked up the frozen stuffed salmon and there are a million other things @ TJ's. It was one of the loveliest "home cooked" date meals I've ever had.

        1. P.S. Divine Pasta has some great things you can heat up too, if you want to go the pasta route.

          Also, I think Honeybaked Ham has smoked turkey, ham, etc. if you are into that. I served a smoked turkey once for a late summer dinner fom Honeybaked and it was a hit. I picked up wine, dessert, appetizers @ TJ's.

          1. How un-cooked do you want it? Clementine always has delicious food in the fridge and freezer (soups, pastas, etc) that just need to be heated and served. You could pick up cold side dishes and dessert while you're there.

            I can't say that I've tried any pre-packaged meals that I've really enjoyed at Trader Joe's (frozen Indian and Thai food, oven baked fries, frozen scallops, packaged sauce mixes...all just okay or worse). I like their unadorned frozen vegetables and berries. I guess I would rather eat a broiled piece of fresh fish with just some salt and pepper than a marinated piece of frozen salmon rolled around some breading. That said, they did have some marinated rack of lamb in a vacuum pack that looked good.

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              Clementine's is my go to place. Just about everything is great! One has to play around a bit to find what they most enjoy. Many things are freezer ready, some soups already frozen. On the west side it is simply the only place of quality for take out, bring in, heat and serve in my opinion.