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Dec 21, 2006 12:37 AM

Portugese and/or Spanish in Baltimore

I am looking for recommendations for good Portugese and/or Spanish restaurants in Baltimore City.


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  1. I like Tio Pepe's for Spanish, others do not on this board. That's about it locally.

    1. Try Nasu Blanca on Fort Avenue in Locust Point, South Balt. It's Spanish and Japanese (not fusion). See some reviews below.

      Nasu Blanca is Baltimore?s most innovative restaurant, serving Japanese and Spanish cuisine with an extensive cold Sake selection and an all Spanish wine list. Choose from a selection of zensai, tapas, soups and salads, paella, entrees, dessert, sake, cocktails and Spanish wine.

      "Duck confit was perfect. Crispy skinned with plenty of delicous and clean meat, a very large leg sat atop braised lentils flavored with Serrano ham." --Richard Gorelick, City Paper

      "...Nasu Blanca is no joke. It is in fact one of the most impressive new restaurants I've seen open in the area for a while." --Hannah Feldman, Baltimore Magazine

      1. I haven't been to Nasu Blanca yet and look forward to trying it, but you do know that Baltimore Mag reviews gush about everything? Gorelick I respect.

        1. Been to Nasu Blanca - Had an INCREDIBLE expreience. Not quite as good as SALT, but very high on the list.

          Have only done Tio Pepe for lunch, but was underwhelmed.

          Question: So there are no small Spanish/Portuguese (Not Latin/SOuth American) venues in the Upper Fells Point/Eatern Avenue area that I have missed?