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Mar 28, 2005 05:20 PM

Sirayvah in San Carlos?

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Driving home from Tahoe last night and nearing home, I was in the mood for either Chinese or Thai. With very few decent options near my house, I decided to finally try Sirayvah which serves organic Thai cuisine. Has anyone else been?

I tried two dishes: Chili Lamb and Tamarind Prawns. I opted for medium spice on the lamb and it was perfect for me. Good flavor and presentation on both dishes. I'd have to rate those two dishes better than any of the Thai food I've had in San Carlos/Belmont/RWC area. Prices were higher than I would have anticipated for Thai coming in at $13.95 and $17.95 respectively (that came with a cylindrical portion of organic house blend rice).

Now here's the rub - I was coming back from skiing therefore I was REALLY hungry. So, I'm not sure if the food was actually that good or if I was sort of, well, desperate.... I will now have to frequent the place again when I haven't been sliding down a mountain to see if it was indeed that yummy. If it is though, that means I have a score less than a mile from home!

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  1. Is Sirayvah as good as you suggest? YES!!! I would even go as far to say - it is BETTER! I was hooked the very first time I went and now go on a weekly basis.

    My recommendation - start with the MEANG KUM appetizer. A wonderful treat of flavors (ginger, toasted coconut, lime) and shrimp on butter lettuce. I would describe it as "the perfect bite." The TOM KRA GAI soup is an extraordinary blend of sweet-savory-hot. You can taste the freshness in the ingredients - as opposed my experience at other Thai restaurants. For the entree - you cannot miss with the LAMB YANG (medium rare). It is served with portabello mushrooms, an amazing marinade --- it will change lamb (and life) as you know it. For dessert --- THAI PANCAKES or MANGO WITH STICKY RICE. Both are excellent.

    I'm confident that whatever you eat at Sirayvah - you'll love it. Let me know how it goes. - Kim