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Dec 20, 2006 11:52 PM

Anyone know anything about Tokyo Table?

It seems that a place called Tokyo Table is opening in the old Tony Roma's space on La Cienega. Any ideas about what this is?

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  1. Maybe go check it out ... I believe they are offering something like 20% off of any entree as part of their grand opening.

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      didn't realize they were already open. when i drove by on monday, it seemed that they weren't set up yet.

    2. Looks like they are owned by the same company as Shokudo Japanese in Honolulu -- looks like a corporate Japanese company, hoping to launch a big chain. Still, I would try it, it looks reasonably priced and has some interesting looking dishes. And it will be open for lunch and until 1 am!

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        Yes, but no alcohol after midnight ...

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          I just checked out the menu on line and, in my humble opinion, it looks dreadful. Reminded me a bit of what you would find, say at Denny's in Japan. The interior did look attractive though, from the pics on the website. So sort of a high-end Denny's.

        2. Well, having never been to Japan, I would be excited at the idea of a Japanese Denny's! I like the coffee shops in Mexico that are like Mexican Denny's. Although I can certainly appreciate high end sushi and well-prepared Japanese food, I have a certain soft spot for the Mishima/Famima range of cheap or mundane Japanese food. However this doesn't extend to Japanese curry places, which just don't appeal to me.

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            It's open now. I went in a couple of days ago. The food is really great. The sushi is very fresh and well made, but they have so MANY other dishes besides that. I loved these rice bowl dishes that cook at the table. Staff is friendly. I'd say go.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I scanned the menu a while ago, but the only thing that stood out was... HONEY TOAST! Multiple varieties of honey toast!
              Did anyone else drool when watching the Dotch episode with honey toast? How I longed to try that bread sizzled in butter and topped with honey and ice cream. Will the dream become reality soon with Tokyo Table??

              Thanks for the reactions to the food! Hope to hear more good things as others make their way to this new place.