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Dec 20, 2006 11:42 PM

jerusalem artichokes?

Where can I find these in To? A recipe calls for them...

How are they different from regular artichokes available at Loblaws in taste and aroma?

Thanks a lot!

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  1. Very different. Not the least bit related.

    A jerusalem artichoke looks a bit like a hand of ginger, and tastes like artichoke hearts, sunflower seeds and a little bit like potato. They are truly brilliant when roasted with garlic and pured with butter.

    There was a recent discussion about where to find them in Toronto, with fancy places like the Harvest wagon and Sun Valley taking the lead, but some reporting that they'd seen them in Loblaws:

    1. Here's an article on Sunchokes(Jerusalem Artichokes) from today's (?) Toronto Star:

      1. I just saw a whole bunch of very nice looking ones (shiny, smooth, large) at The Big Carrot. I'd be willing to bet that Whole Foods has them right now, too. They are very nice - rich-tasting - simply roasted, but are also very good mashed in with potatoes.