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Dec 20, 2006 11:36 PM

Rib Roast -- Medium Rare to Well Done?

I have two questions for you experts:

(1) I have read many, many posts telling me what the temperature of the roast should be when taking it out of the oven to end up with medium rare. Problem is: they range from 110 - 135 F. What gives?

(2) I have to cook for a group that includes a couple who demand their meat be cooked to well done. While I think that is sacrilege, I can't just tell them they are idiots. Is there any way to cook a rib roast where part of it will be medium rare and another part of it well done?

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  1. Personally, I would cook it to 120 and cut two large slices and pan fry them until "well done". Why ruin a beautiful roast on 2 guests.

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      Absolutely correct. Or you can take a couple slices off and soak them in natural juices or beef broth until the "eat with the eyes" problem is corrected. I agree, please don't ruin the roast for a couple of guests.

    2. Well, instead of spoiling an entire rib roast for all others, tell them you will reserve the end cuts for them! And if not well done enough, but under the broiler! Or back on a stove top grill.

      Actually, under certain circumstances, such as a feast at Lawry's I love and adore the end cuts as so much flavor! However, meat is still tender and juicy.

      1. You can nuke a red/pink cut until it is done. You could also use the "start at high heat method" and the ends will become more well done than the inner cuts. Pity!

        1. My hubby likes his meat a bit more done than I do, so I carve the ends and save them for him. They also have the bonus of the rich juices conjealed as a coating. He loves his ends and I love my med rare slices.

          Oh stop, now I want prime rib for dinner tonight instead of Christmas!

          1. Definitely do not take your meat out of the oven at 110! That's too early even for me.

            I cooked this tenderloin roast to 135, for example, and it was slightly rare for me. I would go with 140 next time.

            for the well-done crowd, definitely return their meat to the oven/broiler after slicing.