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Dec 20, 2006 11:25 PM

site to generate yuppie food names

You ever go to one of those restaurants where the waiters describe the specials in semi-orgasmic tones? Where the specials are always something like "a sesame-crusted ahi tuna with gorgonzola-wasabi mashed potatoes"? Somehow, they always manage to use the same buzzwords.

Well in that vein, my girlfriend made a little program to generate ridiculous combinations of yuppie-sounding dishes on the fly.

reload to update the menu.

ponzu braised spinach with a black sesame reduction
pesto mashed seasonal rapini with a gorgonzola puree

Now of course most of them don't make any sense, but that's kind of the fun.

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  1. Oh, that's brilliant! I had been working on a ranty blog post about pretentiously over-descriptive menu listings so I'm thrilled to see this. The only thing missing is the requisite mention of the ranch/farm/dairy of origin before each ingredient.

    "durian sauteed wild rapini with a garlic bavarois"

    That's just great.

    1. OK, way cool. I'm doing xmas dinner and everybody wants to know what I'm serving, they're all getting different and equally over the top answers.

      Vodka syrup? I've got to get me some of that....

      1. Funny stuff! You're absolutely right about the waitstaff talking breathlessly about dishes...halfway between orgasm and seeing god.

        Just for fun sake, using this phrasing, what would you call common dishes like pigs in the blanket? Chicken fried steak? Hash Browns?

        Pigs in the Blanket = pan-seared, house made Kurobuta sausages with organic Morning Star sage, wrapped in New Hampshire crepes topped with Strauss Family butter and extra virgin Moss Farm maple syrup

        1. So dead right on, the ones being spoofed wouldn't even know it.

          Well done!

          1. I can't wait to try this at work with the people who had such fun with a similar game to find your stripper name.