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Good places near Tatum & Bell- Phoenix/Scottsdale

So my parents live in Tatum & Bell in NE Phoenix/Scottsdale. They are in a dinner rut, they eat at the same 10 places or so over and over again. Most of them pretty bland/corporate/boring, such hits as: Red Robin, Carabbas, Charlestons, California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, etc.

I've already tried to prod them to go to Saba's, a cheap, but good Greek place on Tatum and Bell...but I think thats "too weird" for them. I've also mentioned Ajo Als, on Scottsdale and Shea, so hopefully they'll go there.

Anyway, any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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  1. I second Saba's. I really like Havana Cafe too. It's east of tatum on shea. New York Bagels and Bialys at Shea and Scotts, or Chompies at Greenway and 32nd are great if they do delis. A really healthy, super casual option is Soma at Tatum and Shea. It's some of the most impressive health food I've ever had.

    1. Havana Cafe is great, I've taken them there a few times...I'll have to pass on those other suggestions though.

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        I didn't care for Havana Cafe at all, overpriced and not very good. I would suggest Eastwind and Nee House, both at Thunderbird & Tatum,

      2. I know someone's going to say it sooner or later, but if they've got cash, send them to Zinc Bistro at Kierland. Lunch is in the Cheesecake Factory price-range.

        1. Wonderful Italian food @ Tutti Santi on 64th and Greenway. If you are willing to venture as far as Scottsdale Road and Shea try Razz @ the Windmill plaza (Reservations are probably needed)!

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            This was going to be my recommendation. Very good restaurant, and all the workers that we encountered there were authentic Italians (which is a bonus).

            We like Shogun (at Tatum and Shea - across from Paradise Valley Mall) for sushi and Japanese food.

          2. Desert Ridge (approximately two miles north of location noted in the OP) is mostly chain restaurants, but there is a second branch of Salute, an Italian restaurant with its original location in Moon Valley, there.


            1. Also Malee's @ Desert Ridge a great Americanized Thai restaurant. Try the PLA.....yummy!

              1. It might be considered "too weird" but I love the Persian Room at Frank Lloyd Wright and Scottsdale. And Nick's is also a good choice for Italian - there are a couple of nearby locations: http://www.nicks-italian.com/index.htm.

                1. There are a bunch of good options around the Scottsdale and Shea area.
                  Sushi on Shea has great Sushi and good service; on Shea just west of Scottsdale rd.
                  In the same parking lot is Tapino Wine Bar, with a really nice patio.
                  NYPD pizza is on the SE corner of Scottsdale and Shea.

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                    I just don't get why everyone loves "Sushi on Shea". I didn't think it was so great. The service was poor (they made me feel like I was doing them a favor eating at their restaurant), and the roll selection was minimal (although I think they would have probably made me anything I wanted if I asked). Personally I can name 5 better sushi restaurants in a 5 mile radius. The fish was of decent quality, but not better than what I have had at a handful of other restaurants locally.

                    I don't bash restaurants often (check my other posts), but I just didn't think Sushi on Shea is worth going to at all.

                    I did like Tapino. Their wine flights are well executed (great combinations, and the presentation made it very easy to remember what you were drinking). It was a little expensive, but overall a nice experience. I would go back.

                  2. Mmm... Saba's is always good. Their gyros are pretty good. Other places they should try is Carolina's on Cactus and Cave Creek. They have the best tortillas in town. Also, I really like the Golden Wok Chinese Restaurant on Cactus and Tatum- they's been there for 20 something years, family owned from Hong Kong. Everything there is made to order which is great especially since I'm allergic to MSG. The hot and sour soup is the best especially since it's been cold lately. Good luck!

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                      thanks for the tip, little chinese places are so ubiquitous and hit or miss that I rarely try one on a whim. It's nice to know there's one nearby.

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                        Good catch on Carolina's. For some reason I wasn't thinking about it (even though I had a guest in this weekend, and he insisted on going there 3 times in as many days). Good Mexican food is definitely something this town is known for, and IMHO, Carolina's is one of the best. Love the Machaca burrito "enchilada style".

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                          Carolina's is one of my favorites. Would Hoover's parents consider it "too weird" though?

                        2. I think my folks would be OK w/ Carolinas, I had lunch there just this past week w/ a friend who lives in the NE valley. Its great.

                          I'm not a huge fan of Salute, but I think thats probably more because a creepy girl I knew from High School used to work there, and it scared me off- perhaps I should give it a second try.

                          1. Saba's is very good, and I was somewhat surprised to find it's owned by an Iraqi immigrant. A lot of the Mediterranean flavors and techniques have carrier that far, I suppose.

                            Inside the Desert Ridge 'District', next to the Malee Thai, is Jillian's.


                            The have a unique take on the Mongolian Grill experience, as well as two or three OTHER venues, all under their single roof.

                            1. Also Eden's Grill (or as my daughter who's name is Eden calls it "My Grill") is great. Middle Eastern/Persian with some of the best rice in town. Its at Tatum and Thunderbird.

                              1. If they like NY/NJ pizza, there's a great place on Bell and Tatum called Carusotti's - Eddy, the owner is from Jersey and makes a mean pizza! They also have pasta dishes and heros, but we've only had the pizza - and its great!!!! I keep meaning to post about this place as we think its the closest to NY pizza that we've had since moving here last year. They have something called the "Godfather" pizza that we love, but really all of the pizza's are great. Carusotti's, 4727 E. Bell Road, 602-971-3939.

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                                  I can second this. Sometimes it's a little greasy, but it's at least as good as NYPD or Slices, and cheaper.

                                2. Here's another vote for Eden's Grille. On another post, there was some discussion about bad service, but on a Saturday night, every table was taken (there aren't many since this is a storefront restaurant in a strip mall), but the service was good and the food - well, it was really comfort food and it was delicious. What's good service? a wait staff who know what they're talking about, keep the water glasses full and pace the food's arrival.

                                  A bowl of tossed salad, big enough to serve 4 generous portions was the first course along with soft, warm pita. On the waitress's suggestion, a companion and I tried the braised leg of lamb. I'd call it an osso buco-type meal except the sauce was much richer. Served right on the bone, the meat was so tender that it needed no knife to remove it from the bone or cut it. And the red sauce was spicy but not hot. Served with a brown rice which was flavored with a hint of cinnamon and garnished with grapes, the portions were generous.

                                  Two other companions had shish kebabs - one had lamb and the other chicken. Both plates came with two hefty skewers of meat and one of vegetables. All of this was again served on a bed of rice. The platters stopped just this side of really generous.

                                  Without dessert, the meal came to a very reasonable amount, probably no more than $50 or $60 dollars for four. The fact that this is a reasonable place to eat, for a healthy amount of food was born out by the number of families with 3 or 4 kids who were eating there.

                                  Well worth the trip.

                                  Eden's Grill
                                  13843 N Tatum Blvd Ste 29, Phoenix, AZ 85032