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Dec 20, 2006 10:36 PM

moderately-priced lunch in midtown east

I am meeting with a friend for lunch in midtown - somewhere within 10 min walking distance of 53/Lex subway stop.
I wanted a nice place that we can talk and relax, with good drinks and of course good food. Should be under $20 a person not including drinks or tip/tax, and must have several good vegetarian options.
So far I've come up with only Indian, which I've been eating that a lot already....but I am saving that as a backup.

Why is this so hard to find??

By the way, I appreciate all suggstions, thanks.

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  1. I had lunch w/a friend at La Bonne Soupe today. We had a nice time and got their soup special (soup, salad, dessert, bread, and a glass of wine for $15.75. We were out of there for $20 a piece, including tip.