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Dec 20, 2006 10:29 PM

Y'all, seriously. The pizza delivery situation in Wilmington, NC is SAD!

Tonight we are having a pajama party with our good friends and their two little kids. We have the aerobed pumped up and covered with sheets, blankets and pillows. We have cold beer in the fridge. We have red wine out the yin-yang. We have bourbon for Ned, who will want it. They're bringing a kid-friendly movie. And we get ready to order the pizza from our standby, Fat Tony's, (normally an eat-in bar that also does some delivery) at 5:00.

"Sorry, we don't have a driver tonight."


What used to be Fantastic Pizza, down the street isn't anymore. Figuratively or literally. And their phone people have the IQ of dryer lint. So they're out.

Mellow Mushroom doesn't deliver (of course)

Domino's and Papa John's are out of the question. Their pizza sucks and they don't have white pizza or anything out of the ordinary.

Several of the other pizza delivery places won't deliver to our area. They're over by the college, which is (I kid not) ten minutes from us. We do NOT live in the booger woods. We live close to downtown.

Finally, we settled on Elizabeth's Pizza, down the street, which doesn't deliver, but will do take-out. And we called our friends and said, "Hey, on your way over here, stop and pick up the pizza. We'll make it worth your while." (We'll ply them with booze and my husband's sad birthday cake.)

So if someone wants to move here and open a pizza delivery place and make GOOD pizza and bring it to my house, please! Everyone in this part of town will keep you busy!

And don't tell me I should have made my own or bought frozen from a decent place. I almost always make my own pizza, crust included, but we'd already all agreed on delivery. By the time we figured out the delivery situation, it was too late. We got little kids to feed! And they need to eat nowNowNOW!!

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  1. Why not just do take-out from Elizabeth's or Slice of Life from the get-go? What are they a 5-minute drive? Everytime I have ever ordered pizza for delivery I have been unsatified with either the delivery time, temperature of the food or the supply of condiments and utensils. Not just in Wilmington, but everywhere.

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      We did do Elizabeth's, but we were all already in our PJs and no one wanted to do the pick-up in jammies. That was the only reason. We bit the bullet and did it anyway.Well, we made them do it.

      Is Slice of Life any good? I haven't had theirs. Elizabeth's is pretty decent.

    2. Slice of Life makes one of the best pizzas I have ever had. They are pretty expensive, but really good. Although, I don't know if they make a white pizza.

      1. You should try Brooklyn Pizza - they may not deliver to your area but give them a call. They are on market street in Ogden.

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        1. re: NC hound

          Have heard a lot of good things about Brooklyn Pizza. Can't wait to give them a try. I loved Pizza Bistro downtown on Front Street and was very dissapointed when they closed down. Are they the owners of Nicola's?

          1. re: Ando

            Oh, I don't know, but I miss the Bistro downtown too. It was our favorite pizza in town. Looks like a new place is opening up in there, but don't know what kind of food they're going to be serving yet.

        2. Our problem is finding some place that delivers to the beach. We use to be able to get that italian place on Military Cut-Off to deliver, if we whined enough...and they had great white pizza. But they only do it sometimes now. We are SO tired of bad pizza at the beach.

          1. Not sure about the delivery situation but there are two to try near the intersection of College and Market - I bet they'd deliver down Market St if you're close to Elizabeth's.
            1 - Michelangelo's - in the Home Depot shopping center
            2 - Incredible - in the Target shopping center - best sicilian ever! I will drive from near the bridge to Carolina Beach for this pizza, it's that good!
            Downtown Fat Tony's and I Love New York are both great. Considering we are 600+ miles from NYC I think we've got some pretty good pizza in this town!