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Dec 20, 2006 10:12 PM

Lavagna or Five Points for New Years?

Coming to visit a friend in NY for New Years Eve. Made reservations at both Five Points and Lavagna for New Year's-both are restaurants relatively close to his apartment that could get us in at 10pm and aren't forcing us into a prix-fixe situation (but we're not too concerned with cost).
But help! Which one should we go too? I lived in NYC for two years, but I never visited either so I'm at a loss. I would prefer a friendly/fun atmosphere because of the holiday, but of course, the most important part is the food. Per my research on this board it seems both are beloved spots for different reasons... What would you do? Thanks!

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  1. five points is one of my favorite restaurants . it is such a lovely place with a great menu. one of my former colleagues knew one of the owners after going there so often. perhaps we got extra-special service or perhaps the place is just wonderful . i've also brought other friends there and had lovely meals. there's a beautiful stream/fountain that runs through the center of the room. i've never tried lavagna nor have i tried five point on new year's eve. hope you make a great choice. i'm curious to hear how it turns out. enjoy.

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      I would agree. Five Points is awesome. Great value for the quality of food and ambience on offer. Brunch there is legendary but I think dinner is just as good and not as manic...

    2. Five points love the food and love the room.

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        i've only been there for dinner. not yet for brunch but it looks like i'll have to try that. thnx

      2. The host at Lavagna can be a jerk. I had reservations for 8 for my birthday, and because one woman was running late (she's always very late), they gave away our table rather than seat the 7 that were there. I've worked in the business, and understand not seating incomplete parties in general, but this was absurd. I definately will never go back - they are too many other good places to go instead.

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          i agree that not seating a party of 8 when 7 are present is absolutely ridiculous. i would hope that one would not have to work in the business to agree.

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            I wonder if there's a new host. A few years ago, my friend's mother called from the plane to let us know she would be late, and not only did they let us sit and save the table for us, but they were very gracious about it. Maybe the restaurant was not as busy, but it was still a generous gesture, and of course they were thanked and tipped accordingly.

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