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Dec 20, 2006 10:10 PM

Solo San Franciscan in Paris

Looking for some suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Paris -- really, I'm not joking. Have been underwhelmed by my choices so far. I'm staying in the 5th, but am moving over to the 4th, across from the Pompidou at the end of the week. For me, the quality of the food is the #1 priority, as well as being solo diner friendly. Doesn't have to be a swanky place.

In SF, I generally grab a seat at the bar -- many an enjoyable dinner has been had that way at Bar Tartine, Delfina, Pizzeria Delfina, Clementine, etc...

Am done with the picnics -- have had lots of those, and disappointed by some of the very lousy bistros I've wandered into so far. So clearly spontaneity isn't working.

I'll try Les Bouquinistes this week -- anyone know if it's single diner friendly? Really, am not super fussy. Yes, I've got a good handle on the croissants and bread. But want good coffee, a good breakfast of something other than croissant or bread sometime this week, a simple light lunch (good soups? good salads? good quiche?), and a kick ass dinner (don't eat seafood though).

Help. (I can't believe I'm in Paris and writing this but really -- it's day 3 and I'm kind of getting desperate.)

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  1. It's been a while since I've been there, but I ate dinner at Le P'tit Troquet by myself and the food was great and they were very nice to me. (It is in the 7th however) I also liked Bistro Sancerre (I think that's the name? Sorry) Also in the 7th for lunch and great wine (Sancerre obviously) I'll look up the name of that one and post again.

    1. Okay, here it is : Restaurant Sancerre on Ave Rapp in the 7th. Open for lunch with omlettes, quiche etc. Prices are 11 to 22 dollars, so definately in the budget category. Plus you can buy a bottle of their wine to take home!

      1. Thanks Missmoo -- i'm happy to travel around, just bummed about the not too impressive bites of late. Will give it a try.

        1. I haven't dined alone at P'tit Troquet, but I have been there and I'm sure it would be very comfortable for a solo diner at lunch and probably so at dinner. The food is traditional and top-notch.

          As a soloist, you might check out a wine bar. Jacques Melac is won't be too far from your new digs in the 4th. The food is simple and rustic but delicious and you'll love the wines. Last time I was there I had a beef cheek stew (sounds weird, I know, but it was yummy.)

          In the 4th I'd also recommend Baracane Bistro. It's a tiny little place with food from the Southwest.

          Fancy tea in the afternoon might be fun on your own if you are into people-watching. Check out Laduree.

          Finally, if you want to "see a show" while you are eating, there is a funky restaurant/bar called La Cantine du Faubourg that's a cross between a dining establishment, a drinking establishment, and a performance art exhibit. You won't miss having company with you at a meal there because of the constantly changing light/picture show on the walls. The food is good (not great) and can tend toward the weird, but it's certainly memorable.

          1. Of course the counter at L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon is very comfortable for a single diner and also very expensive. Reservations only taken for the very earliest lunch or dinner, then you wait in line. In the fouth and the nearby bastile area I would recommend L'As au Fallafel on rue, des Rossiers for a delicious lunch==get the deluxe and some cider. It is the best falafel, I've ever eaten. Le Biche au Bois is very accomodating to singles and the food is delicious and the prix fixe very reasonable. It serves wonderful game at this time of year. Out in the hinterlands of the 20th arr. is Le Baratin, wonderful food and atmosphere and if you are there in the daytime, there is Belleville Park. I love the food at Le Pamphlet in the third. They are a great reasonabley priced tasting menu. They were redecorating so I don't know if they have reopened--check. Another favourite of mine when dining alone is Le Petit Tonneau on St. Dominique in the 7th. There is a wonderful woman chef. She makes superb mushroom dishes and the best Tarte Tatin or Clafouti.

            In the same neighbourhood are the restaurants and cafes of Chrisian Constant. I think Cafe Constant would suit you.

            Finally, I recommend a trip to the 15th arr. for a meal at Le Cave a L'Os a Moelle or the restaurant across the street, L'Os a Moelle, (outstanding 6 course menu and wines) However, alone I think you might like the Cave better. You go into the cave to select your wine and then order your food. It is very busy.