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Dec 20, 2006 10:10 PM

Kind of short notice, where should I eat for lunch tomorrow?

Hey fellow 'hounders,
I'm going out ice skating with a few college friends of mine tomorrow and I would like to know, where should we eat? Location doesn't really matter since we can take a subway but prefer to go around the SoHo/West Village area, since I know the Bryant Park area is basically a culinary wasteland. The exclusion or limiting factors would be: $10 & under pp and no Chinese or pizza, please. Thanks in advance


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  1. try momofuku noodle bar, 163 first avenue

    1. Bryant Park area does have some redeeming places. Try cafe zaiya or yagura supermarket on 41st between madison and 5th. Theres another japanese eatery that opened there too.

      If you want west village. I like kati roll on mcdougal. I hear good things about mamoun's falafel as well.

      1. Any other options or opinions?

        1. If you want to stay in the Bryant Park area go to Croton Reservoir Tavern on 40th street between 6th and Bway. It is good easy food well priced and something for everyone. I work in the garment center and we are so happy this opened

          1. How about Grey Dog in the Village for sandwiches/soups/salads?