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Dec 20, 2006 09:52 PM

Q Alert -- Reno!!!

I was literally on my way out of town when I noticed a new BarBQue place on the Northwest corner of Wells and Roberts (a few blocks north of Vassar)...didn't catch the name but they advertise "Oakland Style BarBQue". Its in a house that used to be a deli, I think.....

No time to check it out before I leave, and I'll be gone until after the New Year, but maybe one of you Reno hounds (Steve?) would like to check it out and report back...or maybe we can all check it out next year!!

(btw, DH didn't understand what they meant by Oakland style BarBQue....I tried to explain -- being an ex-Oakland girl myself -- but I think the description was lost on him. I hope its good, and if it is, I hope that a soul-food place can survive in that largely hispanic neighborhood.....)

Have a good chow-filled holiday, y'all!

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  1. Yeah, I saw that a few weeks ago. I'm working in Reno tomorrow so maybe I'll try it then.

    1. Good call, Janet.
      I stopped by for lunch and got four meats and I liked it.
      They've been open for about two months. The owner says Oakland style means the woods are apple, cherry and almond. And there's no vingear or molasses used in the sauce. Only brown sugar.
      I was impressed with the quality of everything I tried -- beef brisket, pork ribs, hot links (they make it themselves) and chicken. Chicken was probably the weakest of the four.
      I ordered medium sauce. The guy after me said he wanted hot sauce. The order taker shouted "Hot Sauce!" and the staff replied, "Hot Sauce!"
      They ladel the sauce heavily onto the food. I think next time I'll get it with the sauce on the side.
      Not a lot of parking and it's small inside. Might be better to go than eating in.
      The BBQ House
      463 Roberts St.
      Reno, NV
      It's the corner of Wells Avenue and Roberts St.
      Of course any official review of this barbecue place awaits RevAndy's return.

      1. Steve, were the ribs fall off the bone(what my mentor calls meat jello), or firm, which needs a little fight? Happy holidays to all the hounds!

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        1. re: RevrendAndy

          Closer to fall off the ribs. The taste is delicious, though.

        2. WOW!!! I just got home & am still uncomfortably full from the big portion of brisket. The secret is to keep it simple, & they have. If this is indicative of "Oakland Style" bbq, then I'm hooked!!! There are few 'musts' when visiting Reno, but this is definitely one of them.

          My husband says they are always busy during the day, so their location doesn't seem to be a problem. In fact when I went in to compliment them on the food, I was told that they just purchased a 1,000 lb smoker. I took that to mean, they were sticking around.

          1. Hey, new to Chowhound, but I've been lurking and getting good advice on places to eat in Reno.

            I went to BBQ House today and it was great. I ordered the 4 way and got pork ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork and hot links and 2 pieces of cornbread.

            I was impressed. I ordered it with Hot Sauce...or should I say HOT SAUCE like they shout it. Cute. Anyhow - I don't feel that they drenched it in was just enough. The ribs were nearly falling off the bone - they weren't fatty and had good flavor. The hot links were good, but they didn't taste spicy enough for my liking...still excellent though. I was disappointed to read that someone had a bad experience with the brisket, but I had to try it anyhow. It was sliced just right and was moist and tender...delicious! The pulled pork was succulent.

            I was impressed...after spending a day at the Rib Cookoff in Sparks tasting many vendors goods, I was rather underwhelmed, but this place was great!