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Dec 20, 2006 09:31 PM

Make ahead meal for New Year's buffet

I'm having 20-ish people over for New Year's and I'd like to set out a substantial buffet, dinner not just nibbles. What can anyone recommend for make-ahead dishes that can sit out on a buffet for a couple of hours? I could go the homey baked pasta route but i'm hoping for something a little more elegant - a meat or fish dish recommendation would be great!

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  1. poached salmon is always nice and can sit out for a while

    1. Martha Sterwart's "Entertaining" cookbook has a great recipe for stuffed chicken breasts (a spinach cheese mixture) that I have been making for big buffets for years. It can be made the day before if need be, and they can sit happily at room temp for hours. The book has a very helpful picture.

      1. Charcautie garnie is a popular New Years dish that is easy and bulletproof for buffets.

        I know sauerkraut is not popular with many people, but I have a authentic Alsatian family recipe that will convert anyone.

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          I posted this before, and it was moved to Home Cooking by the moderators, and I was warned not to do it again.

          1. okay, now i'm complicating things but it would be great if there was something that was sort of a fork, no knife dish. people won't necessarily be sitting so the whole fork/knife thing is tricky.