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Dec 20, 2006 09:21 PM

Gluten-free, vegan restaurant options

So I could quite possibly be the most annoying person ever with this question, but I'm on a sort of cleansing/detox diet in which all gluten, dairy, meats, refined sugars, alcohol and caffeine are excluded. Does anyone have any suggestions of restaurants that would accommodate me (without too much hatred towards me) or restaurants with dishes that may suit my fancy?

I already know about the Elephant Walk and PF Chang's. Any other ideas - I need something new!!

Many thanks!

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  1. Haven't been, but always hear it's reputable and tasty - Grasshopper on N. Beacon in Allston? You could always call and ask them if they'd be able to work w/your restrictions, but based on what I've heard of them, they'd be willing and able. Good luck!

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      I would only send an enemy to the Grasshopper. But it has been a few years since I was last there. I and many other Boston hounds appear to have had similarly uninspiring (at best) experiences, but there are a couple of dissenters.

    2. Don't really have an answer - It sounds similar to the macrobiotic diet a friend went on some time ago, but was allowed gluten.

      Perhaps you can try House of Tibet in Teele? They have some curious items there.

      1. I do know that Legal Seafood has a special Celiac (gluten-free) menu, so maybe that would work for you.

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          1. Lots of Middle Eastern places have goodies for you: Reef Cafe, Boston Shawarma, Sultan's Kitchen, and the Armenian stores in Watertown (Massis, Arax, and another I'm forgetting). Even without pita you can feast on salads (no tabbouleh though), grape leaves, falafel balls, hummus, baba ghanoush, olives, pickles, mujaddara, nuts, dates, etc. Also try the falafel and fries at Algiers.

            Oxford Spa has an unusually large number of gluten-free products. You could get a hummus sandwich on gluten-free bread. They might have gluten-free muffins or something like that.

            The two Brown Sugar Cafes and the Similans have excellent fully vegetarian Thai food.

            Loads of Indian options. E.g., baingan bharta (eggplant), bombay aloo (potatoes), or stewed okra with basmati rice.

            How about the veggie tamales from Boca Grande? These are yummy, and I'm guessing they don't have lard. Or the veggie soft tacos with some guacamole (these are actually a little better at Annas I think).

            There's lots to choose from at Chinese places. Zoe's, for instance, has a lot of delicious stuff that meet your criteria: stuffed bean curd crepe, green bean tofu, cilantro & scallion salad (with tofu), szechuan hot and sour sliced potatoes, etc. You should also find plenty of dishes at Shanghai Gate.

            Even Vietnamese places. Pho Pasteur has an extensive vegetarian menu. The tofu with lemongrass is really tasty. You could probably order banh xeo with tofu or veggies instead of meat.

            Try Rangzen in Central Square for Tibetan food. The lunch buffet is usually good and has lots of stuff for you. Dinner is even better I think.

            Hmmm...if there is an Ethiopian place in Boston that uses only teff for the injera, that would be ideal. Maybe Fasika?

            So anyway, there's lots of great stuff you can eat. You can eat way better than the average person on your diet. No reason to fret at all!

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              Indian dishes may be cooked with clarified butter/ghee....just something to look out for.

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                true. a quick websearch shows that, for instance, some recipes for bombay aloo use vegetable oil and others use ghee. i suggest the op adopt a don't ask, don't tell policy :).