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Dec 20, 2006 09:20 PM

Key West / New Years Eve - Opinions?

We'll be in Key West for 5 days over News Years and will be hitting all or of our favorites haunts, B.O.'s Fish Wagon, Pepe's, Blue Heaven, Bobaloo's etc... But, I have taken it upon myself to find a more special place for dinner on New Years Eve.

We'll have 7 people for an early dinner....7 at 7 if you will. I want Key West non-tourist local funk with a homey feel and chowhound quality food(not asking too much huh?) and I've narrowed it down to Seven Fish, Camilles, or Cafe Sole'. I know they are small but I'm hoping to get in early and out early and will definitely call soon for reservations!

What are your Opinions? Any one better than the other? Any alternate ideas along those lines?


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  1. No bones about it. With the 3 you have narrowed it down to, 7 Fish! The other 2 don't even come close.

    1. Two other thoughts are Santiagos Bodega (tapas, so its fun with a group) or 915 which is on Duval.

      1. It's been a while since I have been down there but last time we went I really liked Mangoes Cafe. Not sure if it's still good...

        1. Mangoes has sold and is not as good. They even took those great little pizzas off the menu.