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Dec 20, 2006 09:14 PM

Meat on the UWS?

I'm thinking of making a meat meal, which I haven't done in a decade. Where does one buy meat these days? I'm thinking of lamb and beef, not sure what cuts (I'll post that question on the Home Cooking board). I know Park East is VERY expensive, so are there other options reasonably nearby? Does Fairway have meat, or just chicken?

Not interested in Outer Borough or downtown options. Thanks.

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  1. Fischer Bros on 72nd btwn Broadway and West End offers the best quality (albeit at a steeper price) on the UWS

    Other choices include:
    The Kosher Marketplace on Broadway btwn 91 & 92

    Supersol - Amsterdam in the low 90s

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    1. re: bigredesq

      Thanks so much for the suggestions. I'm going to start checking into them to see if they have what I need. I guess I'll also have to cash in a CD to pay for it, but I'm hoping it'll be so tasty we won't mind!

    2. Buy from Fresh Direct unless you're looking for a specific cut they don't carry. The quality is very good and the prices beat most in Manhattan. Fairway 74 has some meat. Fairway Uptown has even more.

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      1. re: DeisCane

        Wow, Fresh Direct never even occured to me! I confess I'm the only person in NY who has never ordered anything from there. Just checked out there website and their prices are good. I'd be nervous about the quality if I didn't have your recommendation, but will consider it now. Also happened to be in Fairway this evening, and they have meat, as well. Prices are a few dollars higher per pound than Fresh Direct. It's nice to know my options, thank you.

        1. re: Clarissa

          quality of meat on fresh direct is great. the kosher rack of lamb is one of my favorite special meals to make.