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Best Buffet in Las Vegas

Heading to Vegas next week and would like to hit up one really great buffet while we're there. Is the Bellagio still #1 ?

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  1. I went to the Wynn and I liked it. After reading Chowhound, my consensus was go to Bellagio if seafood is your main thing. The Wynn buffet was about $5 cheaper, but the quality was excellent. Great desserts, great lamb, crab legs, sushi, prime rib, shrimps, etc.

    1. The Wynn buffet is a little smaller but I think the quality is higher (if less exotic) than Bellagio's.

      1. Do a search on this topic we just got finished discussing this very topic about a week ago!

        1. I use to like the Rio, Paris, and the Bellagio. Never tried Wynn. Its always nice to go at the tail end of breakfast so you pay the cheaper price and get the variety of both breakfast and lunch.

          1. I really like the Paris buffet. It's about 30% cheaper than the offerings at Bellagio and the Wynn, and in my experience the difference is less about quality and more about quantity. They don't have the sheer amount of choices that you'll find at the two aforementioned high-end spots, but everything there is very good and the desserts are incredible. Let's put it this way - it's the best buffet value, IMO.

            1. While we like the Bellagio, we decided to try the Wynn and the Mirage buffet on our recent visit. Wynn was very disappointing--stuff looked very interesting, but after sampling everything there really wasn't anything worth having seconds of. In contrast, the Mirage buffet, which I believe was revamped a year or two ago, was fantastic, with an excellent variety and good quality. There was too much stuff at the Mirage to eat. To top things off, the Mirage buffet is significantly cheaper than Bellagio and Wynn. This is clearly our favorite now.

              1. I forgot about the Mirage, they did redo it. I think I remember going there but it's been awhile, but I do remember it being okay. Been so long I really forgot, and I'm not really a buffet person unless it's seafood, since I'm a pescatarian. I really don't eat enough of the other stuff for it to be worth it, I went with a group and that's what they wanted to do, I would have chosen to do something else. But, I have worked for MGM/Mirage, so I've eaten at most all MGM/Mirage hotels, and even the employee dining to me was good at Mirage. Mirage and Bellagio were my favorites.

                1. I just got back from Vegas and loved the Bellagio buffet. We went 2 days in a row. Great crab legs, wonderful fruit, sushi, Asian food, carved meats cooked perfectly, and the best quality and variety of any buffet I've seen. Plus, it was $28.95 fr lunch, the same price as Paris, and had about twice the food and the quality was better. At Bellagio the crab legs were cracked and ready to go , and at Paris they were whole and they offered no crackers, just a Tupperware-like tool. It was very hard to use. The desserts at both buffets were great, and I don't think Paris is a bad choice, I just liked Bellagio so much. We also went to Lotus of Siam for the second time. The food was good, but it just reminds us of how good the food was when we went to Thailand a few years ago. The portions were a little small, but maybe that's just because I expect everything to be bigger than life in Vegas!

                  1. I also think the Bellagio has the highest quality of everything on their buffet. Perhaps nothing astonishing on its own, but taken as a whole, consistently one of the best.

                    1. My Favorites are The Bellagio, The WYNN, And MANDALAY BAY! A Little further down the strip and smaller buffet than the Others But OUTSTANDING! Turkey is Moist and Tastey, Prime Rib is Excellent, They used to Have Pacific Dunganess Crab but Now they Feature King Crab like the Others. They do everything right. They feature a Melted Chocolate fountain to dip fresh fruit, pound cake chunks, one night it was regular Chocolate the other night it Was WHITE Chocolate. A Few bucks less than the others, Smaller Crowds This is my SECRET.....SSHHHHHH don't tell anyone LOL Next time I'll try RED ROCK Casino, they have a regular Buffett & SALT LICK BBQ from Texas. Not a Buffet but my Favorite RIB EYE Steak is Found athe PEPPERMILL next to the Rivera they also have the Most Romantic rateed Bar in town for the past few years straight. Good Food HUGE portions, Low Prices i made the Mistake of ordering the Chefs salad one night..... I Could have split with a good 3-4 people

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                        Skunk2Racer: Are you referring to the Mandalay Bay Buffet that is outstanding?

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                          Yes it is the mandalay Bay Side Buffett.

                      2. If you happen to be in Vegas on a Sunday be sure to make reservations for the Sterling Buffet at Bally's. This is the most expensive buffet in Vegas but it is a real value considering what they offer and the quality compared to price. Off hand I remember having (this was a year ago) caviar, split lobster tails, beef fillet, the best lamb I have ever had, sushi and sake, ect. Very highly recommended if you like this sort of thing.
                        I also recommend the Bay Side Buffet at Mandalay Bay, also the breakfast buffet at Paris.

                        1. We go to Sterling almost every time we visit my parents. The cost keeps going up (I think it's $60+ now) but it's worth it if you enjoy what they offer.

                          If you're not into caviar, lobster tails, or lamb chops, you can find comparable prime rib/filet/shrimp/etc at Bellagio or Wynn for Sunday brunch for much less. My mom and I can eat our cost in caviar alone, so to pile on lobster and lamb is just a bonus! Sterling also has a nice cold seafood bar (shrimp, crab claws, oysters) and prepared salads. Desserts are okay, but not outstandng. Service is wonderful!

                          I used to like the breakfast at Paris until I realized it was because of the bread, cheese, and crepes. Bellagio has never let me down, but I wasn't too impressed with Wynn (they may have improved since I was there, though). My mom enjoys Aladdin's lunch or dinner buffet.

                          Another one we like and go to with friends is the new Mirage buffet. I enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They have great variety, good shrimp, fantastic gelato, and the food is overall really good. I think that would be my pick after Sterling.

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                            We just went to the Sterling Buffet; it was $65 per person, but that includes all the Perrier Jouet you can drink. P-J is retailing for around 30 a bottle, locally, so that is a very good deal. If you go, and you don't see the caviar, don't be alarmed...you have to ask the sushi lady for it. There are very nice little blinis and all the fixings by the sushi, and then the lady working that station hands you a serving of caviar. The lobsters were nice, but I thought the lamb was stellar. The sushi is very good, as was the cold seafood and the salads. The desserts were pretty and reasonably tasty. I think that if you 1. Drink champagne, and 2. Like lobster, crab and caviar, you will feel it is a reasonable value. If not, I would pass. The service is excellent and the room is fine (it's in Bally's Steakhouse). I would recommend that if you can manage it, try to go early (we had the first res, 9:30 am), because it gets crowded, which leads to lines at the buffet and generally a less pleasant experience.