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Dec 20, 2006 08:47 PM

Help! I made a huge batch of butternut squash soup.....

...and added too much Cayenne pepper! It's spicy hot! How can I cut it?

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  1. Just a guess, but maybe blending in some plain yogurt? It might make it a little thicker but you could thin it out again with stock or water I think.

    1. I agree with the yogurt and maybe a touch of honey or sugar.

      1. I'd go for a cream and milk mixture...

        1. The recipe I use calls for the addition of chopped golden delicious apple and sweet potatoes. If you have the time to simmer these in your "hot" base until tender I think they would help ease the heat!

          1. Thank you for your replies. I tried the yogurt and half and half and apple. It was just too too much cayenne to deal with. I ended up splitting the soup in half and throwing in a couple of sweet potatoes into the microwave and throwing on some carrots to boil....and just before my guests arrived, I pureed the sweet potatoes and carrots and more chicken broth and half and half into half the original batch and pulled it off. It was still spicy hot -but manageable. I actually challenged my guests to try the other half which was hot as hell and only one tried it and almost gagged but agreed it was probably medicinal! Cayenne is dangerous. I think I only put in one heaping tablespoon into a huge lecreuset pan of soup. That stuff is potent. I had no idea. Live and learn. Thanks.