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Dec 20, 2006 08:08 PM

Hungarian food in the Boston area?

Does anyone know of authentic and affordable Hungarian food sources in the Boston area? I'd be interested in restaurants, delis and all kinds of places where I could get a hold of Hungarian goodies (like salamis and cheeses, etc. - plus homestyle meals/cooking).

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  1. There was a Hungarian place in Worcester called Anna's that may or may not still be open. Does anyone know if it is still around?

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    1. Closest one I know of is in London. That's only 5 1/2 hours by plane... ;-)

      1. jasmine bistro in brighton. naz, the owner worked at the budapest

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          I think the Hungarian at Jasmine Bistro is wonderful. The menu also features French, Balukistani, and Lebanese dishes. A great little place.

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            There is an excellent Hungarian place some 1+ hours outside of Boston in CT, perhaps on Rte. 84. Went there ages ago. It was listed in a handy guide to roadside food that a friend of mine had, and I believe it was named after a woman and/or had the word 'goulash' in the name. In any case, goulash is what I ate and it was delicious.

            Also, MC Slim JB, I am dying to know where Balukistan is and what kind of food they have there.

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              Anna's used to be located south of Boston someplace, before they moved to Worcester. Hope that wasn't it.

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                It's a region that lies mostly in modern Pakistan, but includes adjacent areas of Iran and Afghanistan; the cuisine reflects this: it's mainly Pakistani, but will remind you by turns of Afghan and Persian cuisine. I believe it's where the chef is from originally. He later trained as a chef in Paris, then did a stint at Cafe Budapest in Boston, hence his eclectic menu.

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                  Ahh, Baluchistan! It seemed like such an unlikely combination with Hungarian cuisine that I figured it was some small place in the Caucuses or something. Thanks for the info, now keen to try this unexpected melange.

          2. Anna's Hungarian Kitchen used to be in Quincy. I was really bummed when she closed. I saw on the web site that she moved it to Worcester. However, now it's saying that it's closed again. But there is a phone number you can try calling on the site:

            1. The excellent Hungarian place in CT is (I think), the Goulash House in Danbury, so its a hike. Have not been there in years, but the food was excellent. Your basically eating in someone's converted parlor/first floor and the waitress was also the cook, it seemed.

              The Roadfood review is here:


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                That is exactly the place I was thinking of, thank you slowcookedbeef. Looking at those pix on the review site is making me ravenously hungry for delicious breaded meats, spetzel and goulash. Might have to plan a road trip to NYC in the near future so I can make the stopover...