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Dec 20, 2006 08:01 PM

ISO Upscale Asian Brunch Buffets

It's always fun to sample a wide variety of dishes at Asian places as I've had a chance to do over the years when chowing with larger groups. You can then favor the dishes you like best among those sampled.

But what to do by yourself or with a small party? While there are no shortage of upscale American and seafood brunch buffets ranging to $75 pp & higher, when it comes to Asian -- Indian, Japanese & Chinese, for example -- all the buffets I've tried seem to compromise quality in favor of quantity and low prices. I do realize the challenges with keeping prepared dishes fresh and not overcooked, but maybe my choice of restaurants has been poor.

So, is anyone aware of exceptions to the rule, i.e., upscale Asian buffets where quality of ingredients, skill of preparation and breadth of selection trump mere quantity at low prices?

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  1. Try HAPPY FAMILY in Rosemead. It's all-you-can eat vegetarian, but the quirk is that you order off the menu so you can sample quite a bit.

    Of course, there's always dim sum ...

    Happy Family
    8632 E. Valley Blvd., #E

    1. Universal Hilton has a good buffet for around $35-40 for dinner without taxes. It is certainly good quality upscale Asian.

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      1. re: WHills's not all Asian. Yes, they have Asian food, but it's touted as mostly an international-style buffet.

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          The Universal Hilton weekend seafood dinner buffet is predominantly Asian, though, both as to food served and clientele. Other good upscale Asian buffets would be Saturday night at the San Gabriel Hilton (around $40 per person) and the Saturday dinner and Sunday brunch at the Pacific Palms Resort in Industry at something like $40 to $50 per person.

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            Yes, I have found that Universal Hilton is better than the San Gabriel one or Cima/Pacific Palms.

            The Universal Hilton menu includes: dim sum, shark's fin soup, calms with black bean sauce, crab with ginger/scallions, sushi station, roasted duck, etc. If shark fins' soup isn't Asian, I don't know what is. But, there are also non-Asian dishes there.

      2. Has anyone been to Cima in the Twin Palms (?) hotel in Industry Hills? I heard they do a Chinese buffet on certain nights of the week.

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          Yes, I have been there about a year or so ago. They are more expensive than the Universal Hilton, and the quality is not as good. Cima really varies on their quality, and it is hit or miss. The best part of Cima is they have an oyster bar where they open your oyster. However, I don't eat oysters. Other than that, the lobster has been overcooked, and the shark fin's soup is not so good. Also, the variety of food is not as good as the Universal Hilton. Not a bad buffet, but to me, noth worth the $40 or $50 price tag.