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Celebrating Roast Beast-- Menu Options

On Christmas Eve we celebrate the classic American holiday of Roast Beast: http://www.kraftmstr.com/christmas/bo...

I am trying to decice between two menus-- please vote!

Latkes with with house-smoked salmon

Cream of Cauliflower Soup with Crème Fraiche and Caviar

Best Meat (Dry aged, prime New York steak cut as a roast- Lobels)
Brussel Sprouts with Chestnuts
Wild Rice with Cherries and Pistachios
A red burgundy of some type, probably a pommard

Crepes with Apricot Compote and Flaming Booze


Foie Gras Terrine with Pickled Prunes and Toasted Brioche

A salad of bitter greens, ripe avocado, and blood orange supremes with champagne vinagrette

Chacroute Garnie (with various cuts from our pig, including homemade bratburst, knockwurst, loin, as well as cured pork belly and maybe a bit of duck confit)
Small Buttered Potatoes
Gewertzraminer, dry and with a bit of age

Damson Plum Crostata (made with stone-ground cornmeal) and served with Raw Cream

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  1. I vote for menu number 1.

    1. I'm for Menu Number 2. Sounds more like a Christmas Eve dinner, for some reason. More rustic, maybe?

      1. (1) If you serve cauliflower soup and brussels sprouts at the same meal, you might be (ahem) sorry later in the evening or the next day.

        I vote for (2).

        1. I agree with Atlantis. How formal is your Christmas Eve? Menu #1 seems more formal to me, maybe more "New Year's Eve."

          1. I'll go with tradition on this one:
            Beef for Christmas, Pork for New Year's.
            Menu 1 for Christmas.
            Menu 2 for New Year's.

            One caveat: I wouldn't serve Champagne & Gewurtztraminer in the same meal.

              1. Both sound wonderful

                I would go 1, but substitute roasted asparagus for the brussels using a myers lemon olive oil and a dusting of pepper

                and for 2 I would substitute a very dry sherry for the champagne or a red for the Gewertzraminer -

                but I definitely would go with 1

                  1. Both sound absolutely delicious! While reading it, I was sure I was going to vote for number one, but then I got to menu number two!

                    Over all, though, if I had to pick one, I'd go with menu one.

                    1. I don't know why I let you torture me like this... Option one of course! After the desert course I would add a bottle of two of a Kabinet style German Riesling. Not sure how the rice and cherries will hold up against the beef though, kinda thinking along the lines of potatoes au gratin (but that is just the blue collar in my dining preferences).

                      1. Both sound lovely...#1 for Christmas Eve. Agree you must do #2 as well--New Year's would be a good choice.

                        1. I personally like #1 better, but #2 wins points for including the words "our pig."

                          It's worth going with #2 just to be able to say that throughout the dinner.

                          1. number two- by far. though house smoked salmon? mmm.

                            1. Both selections sound lovely, but I'd switch out your soup/salad courses. The greens would go better with #1, in my opinion, while the cauliflower soup would suit the choucroute garnie menu, although maybe leave off the caviar and give a hint of things to come with some crackings from your pig as soup garnish.

                              1. So? What have you decided to do?????

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                                1. re: swarttav

                                  Not only am I very curious to find out which menu Judi decided to go with, but I would be ever so thankful if she'd take pictures! :-)

                                2. Menu #1 sounds just like Christmas to me (my best friend just referred to my similar menu as "the Episcopalian Christmas Dinner"--an accurate assessment); menu #2 sounds like New Year's (because some of those Episcopalians were Southern...).
                                  When should we arrive for either or both dinners?

                                  1. So, JudiAU, what did you end up doing to celebrate roast beast??!!