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Dec 20, 2006 07:51 PM

Dress Code Pujol & alta cocina rests.

Next week I will be visiting Mexico City and I am looking forward to experiencing a few of the "alta cocina" restaurants, among them Pujol.
I have read in some guide books that jackets are "required" at such restaurants. Given that I will not be wearing a jacket at any other time during my trip, I do not wish to be burdened with packing a blazer/sportcoat. I was wondering if anyone can give me guidance based on his experience with this "requirement". Would it be appropriate for me to arrive nice-casual dressed (slacks,shirt& sweater) but without a jacket? If a jacket is required, should I plan to wear a tie as well?
Thanks to all who reply.

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  1. If its a Tuesday or Wednessday, and you are an obvious gringo... you can get by with a sweater & slacks... I don't know about the other days.

    Mexico City has chilled out quite a bit over the last 10 years... I don't think they would deny you entry... but you might not the best table etc., I haven't been to Pujol, but other places with sizable seating like Hacienda de los Morales... typically have a seperate area where they put the under dressed tourists.

    1. I have eaten at Pujol, Izote, etc. None of the men in my party wore a jacket and few of the men I saw in the restaurants wore a jacket. Neither were they dressed down. Most of the men were wearing dress slacks, good socks, closed toed and well maintained shoes, good belt, and a tailored and pressed button-down shirt. Think of it as an upscale and sophisticated Friday Casual kind of look. Jeans, polos, etc were not worn. The few men I did see wearing jackets were wearing what we I think we'd call a sportcoat. And they wore it over the same nice slacks, nice shoes, nice belt and nice shirt and the shirt was open at the neck. The men I saw were well groomed, well turned out and tailored.

      The dining room at Pujol is a study in white contrasts. It's got a very contemporary feel to it but it is definitely not stiff or stuffy, there is a relaxed feel. I think you'd be okay without a jacket if the rest of your attire is professional looking.

      1. Thank you for your guidance DiningDiva and Eat_Nopal. I will pack accordingly.

        1. We've eaten at Izote once and it seemed relatively casual in terms of clothing. Most of the men were definitely not wearing jackets, and in fact, I think I remember 1 or 2 guys (Mexicans) wearing jeans (but that was a minority).

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            "I think I remember 1 or 2 guys (Mexicans) wearing jeans (but that was a minority)."

            They might have been celebrities or athletes... they tend to play by different rules.

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              The men I saw at Izote were dressed as DiningDiva described: well-tailored, well-pressed, great style, but most with no jacket or tie.

            2. Many restaurants do require jackets - but I don't imagine Pujol does. It's mostly the old school places where people do power lunches and business dinners that do - San Angel Inn, for instance, has a small section where you can go without a jacket and tie, but is strict in their main room. If you are dressed nicely, it shouldn't be a problem most places.