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Anyone else eat this combo? PB&J with pancakes ...

No, not a PB&J sandwich WITH your pancakes.

Rather, PB&J in BETWEEN your pancakes.

This is so damn good, it must be evil.

I may have found my next comfort food fascination.

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  1. We used to put butter and jelly between our pancakes when I was a kid. Funny- I haven't thought of that in more than 40 years- until I saw your post!! We loved it- don't know why we never tried it with peanut butter- bet it is great.
    I know that chocolate chip pancakes are popular with lots of kids. For some reason, I find them vile. Oh well, to each his own.

    1. When I was little, I did it and rolled it up. If I tried it now, I might be tempted to cut it, bread/batter and then deep fry it.

      1. My boyfriend's whole family puts PB on their pancakes, but I don't know if they've ever tried it with jelly as well. I guess the jelly would function as a sort of syrup...interesting!

        1. I used to date somebody and for our birthdays every year, his mother would make Pancake-cake. at least 15 pancakes high.. Delicious.

          1. I used to enjoy Eggo waffles with peanut butter and Karo syrup. The peanut butter and syrup pools in each of the "cells" making for a really unctuous treat.

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              We used to use KAro on our waffles, too- but not on our pancakes, for some reason. My mother used to use Karo syrup in some kind of baby formula. No idea what she made- I will have to ask her- or maybe some hounds remember some kind of babty formula with karo. SOunds unhealthy!

              1. re: macca

                Doctors years ago used to recommend Karo syrup with water to relieve infant constipation.

                1. re: boogiebaby

                  Thanks- never did know what she was making- just remember Karo syrup, and her sterilizing all the bottles, and washing all the diapers. Times sure have changed!!

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                That's funny. When we were kids, my brothers and I also did the peanut butter and Karo syrup thing on pancakes/waffles. It was always butter and maple syrup or peanut butter and Karo -- never the other way around. I think it was a colors thing.

              3. When I was a kid living in Illinois, I had a sleepover at a friend's house and her mom made is pancakes for breakfast spread with peanut butter and honey.

                One of my favorites is to mix equal part of peanut butter and pancake syrup, microwave it until hot and then mix until smooth and then pour over waffles. Yum!

                1. Never really appealed to me, but my dad used to put peanut butter & jelly on his pancakes. I think part of it was that he didn't like syrup.

                  1. I first had peanut butter on whole grain pancakes in a great little cafe in Portland Oregon near Reed College. I make my own version with Aunt Jemima whole wheat pancake mix and I spread on a generous dollop of Trader Joe crunchy (salted) peanut butter.I'll try the jelly next time! After all,a pancake is a type of bread. Why not?

                    1. If there is no real maple syrup, then I dress my pancakes with peanut butter. Super yum and very filling...I eat a lot less pancakes when topped with peanut butter.

                      1. I used to love PB&J on Eggo waffles for breakfast. Same idea, more portable!

                        1. Reminds me of PB&J sandwiches using left over french toast. We made those in a college cafeteria when we had classes over the lunch hour.


                          1. Not on pancakes, but I do make a quick breakfast by making a sandwich of waffles with peanut butter and jelly. yum!

                            1. Made some pancakes the other day with cottage cheese, fig jam, and fresh raspberries. Sorta like blintzes, I think. Great!