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Dec 20, 2006 07:39 PM

Name this Cantonese rice dish, please

It's often served at Cantonese-American places, and sometimes at more traditional places.

It's basically beef and eggs, but drowned in a gooey glutinous (cornstarched?) sauce.

In Chinese it's called something like "slippery eggs and beef mixed rice" (hua dan nio ro huay fan in Mandarin)

Please help! I need to find a recipe for it, but I can't without knowing its name.

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    1. In English, it is usually called "minced beef with rice."

      In Cantonese, it is almost identical to the Mandarin. It is more or less pronounced: wot don gnau yook fon.
      Wot: rhymes with "hot" ("hua" from your pinyin example)
      Don: sounds like the "name" ("dan" from your pinyin example)
      Gnau: hard to describe, but try to pronounce the "g" and "n"
      together. "au" rhymes with "null". If this doesn't make sense, you can drop the "gn", as it is a trend in Cantonese.
      ("niu" from your pinyin example)
      Yook: rhymes with "book" ("rou" from your pinyin example)
      Fon: rhymes with "Don" ("fan" from your pinyin example)

      1. I can't help with a name (except to confirm "minced beef on rice") but my, oh, my, I used to love that dish!

        There are often also peas in the minced beef, and a lot of garlic in the sauce, and in the best versions the egg is broken raw over the dish and you mix it into the beef so that it cooks from the heat. Much to my sorrow, the restaurant where I was introduced to the dish is long long gone, and although I try it from time to time if I find it on a menu, it's never as good as that place used to make.

        If you find a recipe and it's good, do please post it here!

        1. Wsa the beef minced or sliced flank steak? That link didn't work for me. Its quite simple to make either way.

          1. "Beef with satin eggs". (Wat daan ngau yuk faan, as I know it in Cantonese.) For some reason I got really into this and googled EXTENSIVELY. One recipe is here:

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              Add a little baking soda to the meat when you marinate it. Not too much otherwise it will get bitter. This will automatically tenderized the meat without any pounding. Ancient Chinese Secret. The way the resturant makes it is that they flash fry the beef and the juices get locked in by the cornstarch. Home stoves will not be able to achieve that kind of temperature.