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Dec 20, 2006 07:26 PM

Assigned brunch potluck item, have tons of eggs, bored with quiche -- any ideas?

I need to bring a brunch item to a staff meeting tomorrow morning and have a ton of eggs from my very sweet egg lady (to whom I can never say no, even when I still have a fridge full...) and just can't get excited about making a quiche -- unless someone has a tremendous quiche idea I've never tried before. One colleague won't eat mushrooms, so that cancels out a bunch of good ideas. Have some turkey apple sausage and shrimp in the freezer....

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  1. make a frittatta
    Kind of a cross between quiche and an omelet
    How about shrimp, black olives, feta, and tomatoes

    1. Devilled eggs? Spanish omelet with potatoes served at room temp with fresh salsa? Frittata?

      1. Egg salad on toasts? I've served that as an app. and it's usually pretty popular.

        1. how about featherbed eggs, baked french toast, or huevos rancheros?

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              So good- many variations like stratas! they puff up (often in ramekins, but can be in baking dish too) google & read some recipes

          1. Be careful with shrimp due to the water content. It can totally f up your egg dish if you don't know what you're doing.
            I'd use the turkey apple sausage & make a frittata with some carmelized onions & cheese (jarlsburg, perhaps?).