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Dec 20, 2006 07:19 PM

We Ho dinner Saturday?

I need to find a good place with entrees in the under $15 range for dinner for five on Saturday. West Hollywood is our target area, though suggestions in the surrounding area would also be appreciated. We're open to different cuisines but need to stay on the moderately priced side, without ending up with the dreaded Bad Food. Many thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Benvenuto is always a good stand-by. And they have a lovely outside patio with heat lamps. Also, I hear the Italian place near the Sunset 5 theaters on Laurel is good as well. Maybe it starts with a 'V'. Not sure.

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      It's called Vivoli and it's AMAZING!!!! Some of the entrees might be more like $20 though. Hugo's is a good choice too.

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        It is called Vivoli and it is pleasant and compentent-- probably more than your budget.

        why not try Traktir?

      2. ther has been some raves on CH about yatai bar. i have yet to go but it is on my "hit list" for 2007.

        1. With entrees hovering around $15 (some more, a few less), OBar might be a good choice. They have an online menu so you can check it out for yourself. Food is very good, and IMHO, a grea value. Drinks and desserts are also pretty special. Even if you dine elsewhere, you might want to stop into OBar for dessert.

          1. I like AMMO, too. Good food, fun crowd, reasonable prices. It's on Highland, just north of Santa Monica on the west side of the street.

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