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Dec 20, 2006 07:12 PM

Cajun Crab House, SJ Any reports yet?

Just found out about this place through Yelp. Anyone try it? Sounds GREAT!

Louisiana seafood boils: oysters, crab cakes, jambalaya, gumbo, crawfish, beignets, Dungeness Crab, Chicory Coffee (Café Du Monde) and more...

Cajun Crab House
826 S. Winchester Blvd
San Jose CA 95128

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  1. Not San Jose, but I have been to one in Oakland.. What's the place in SJ called? I'd love to try it!

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    1. Noticed this place over the weekend. I need to stop and check it out.

      1. I'm totally in love with this place. We've been 3 times in the last month!

        Boils are the way to go - they offer several flavors - Original, Spicy Cajun, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Butter, or "The Kitchen Sink" (all of the above). The price for a pound of shrimp has ranged from $10-$12 a pound, plus an extra $4 to add a generous portion of Andouille sausage. Haven't tried the crayfish or crab yet since the shrimp is such a good deal, especially on Tuesdays when the special is three pounds for the price of two. Shrimp are in shell with heads and everything, big and fresh. The "Kitchen Sink" flavor is my favorite, you can order mild, medium, or spicy for any of them. I've stuck to the medium and it has a nice kick but not mouth-searing. Because it is a combo flavor it can vary a bit, one of them was decidedly heavy on the lemon-pepper!

        We usually also get the rice, collards and cornbread plate, which includes soup or salad. The corn bread is dense, sweet and heavy. Rice is pre-boiled and meh, but soaks up the boil sauce. Collard greens are nice and buttery. The only soup they offer is clam chowder - I have not figured out why - it's decent but not anything to write home about.

        Dirty rice was good, and seemed like it was really spicy. however, we were halfway through a 3 pounds of shrimp for 4 people blowout, so it might have been the food coma talking.
        Beignets were a little heavy but had the yeasty taste I remember from trips to Cafe du Monde.

        They also carry bottled Abita beer, which makes it feel a little more authentic.

        The not-so-good:
        Hush Puppies tasted of old oil. Sweet potato pie was obviously frozen, wouldn't get it again. I really, really wish they would have bread to soak up the boil sauce (I'd even pay for it) - I'm tempted to bring my own!

        We generally have come in under $25 per person, tax and tip included for boil, sides, and at least 2 beers.

        Be aware they have very loud bands on Saturday nights.