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Dec 20, 2006 06:54 PM

Novi, Mich. ?????...........

I am a Baltimore Foodie and now travel to Novi area for business every month for a few days. I am looking for great food in all price ranges and types of cuisine. I did find a very very good restaurant in Wixom called Volare that is what I would call a "high-end Italian Steakhouse". Really very good and family owned and worthy of special occcasions. I know I am basically in a suburban strip-mall chain restaurant place but there must be some great chow not too far away. I am looking for business dinners, great pizza, BBQ?, Thai/Chinese, Middle Eastern, etc. Bring on the recs and I will post my results. If anyone needs more info on Volare, please let me know.... Thanks. JCK

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  1. It really depends on how far you're willing to travel. Novi is another compound of chain restaurants galore, so in order to get away from that, it may take some driving.

    Two good suggestions: for fish and chips, Scotty Simpson's in Detroit isn't that far from Novi, maybe about 20 minutes' drive at most. It is really, *really* great fish and chips. Inexpensive, with great quality food.

    For great BBQ, there's Slows BBQ in Detroit, but that's really more like 40 minutes away from you if you're actually staying in the city of Novi. Still, it's worth the trip, as Slows has quickly become *the* place for BBQ in the area.

    That's their website, and you can mapquest it from there.

    We really do know how to eat in this area, and eat well.

    1. Cherry Blossom is an above-average Japanese restaurant *in* Novi. It is right in the middle of strip-mall madness across Novi Rd. from Twelve Oaks Mall, just north of I-96. Their sushi is decent, but if you aren't a sushi lover, they also have other kinds of Japanese food including yakitori--grilled meat and veggies on skewers. Good-sized sushi bar for lone diners.

      1. Cherry Blossom is fantastic. Highly recommended!

        Also, Milford isn't far away and has Five Lakes Grill, a 5-star restaurant featuring 2005 James Beard award winner Brian Polcyn.

        1. volare is very good. big fan of five lakes, too.

          i am have a meeting in wixom tomorrow followed by lunch. we typically go go to steve and rocky's on grand river about a quarter/half mile east of novi road. owned by two top notch chefs with excellent credentials. very good food. excellent service. never had a bead meal there.

          let me know what you think.

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            Oh, *good call* on Steve & Rocky's. I should have thought of that myself!

          2. Thanks everyone.I will have to try Steve & Rocky's and Cherry Blossom. I went to Volare again last night and it was once again fantastic. I had Minestrone and Penne Pasta w/ Prisciotto and peas......yum. I must admit that I am not a big fan of Five Lakes despite all the acclaim. Been twice and my thoughts afterward both times was: small drinks, uncomfortable seating, spacing between tables was too close, average food preparation w/ small portions. Trendy place...yes. Foodie where is the best pizza around? I have also been referred to Bacco and a Asian place named Hung Hua (SP??) Any comments???