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Dec 20, 2006 06:29 PM

Sandwiches to go: how to make in advance?

I guess this is the time of year for "travelling with foodstuffs" questions, so here goes... I'm making sandwiches for all the guys at my father-in-law's workshop, to be served on Friday. As it's a 4-hour trip up to VT, I basically need to make as much as I can at home the day before, with minimal work on the travel day. So the menu is:

Roast beef & blue cheese wraps
Roast chicken with lettuce, tomato & avocado (on the no-knead bread)
Pear, prosciutto & pecorino panini on focaccia

I'm also making a pasta salad, oatmeal cookies, and pumpkin bread, which can all be done on Thursday. I've started the bread dough today, to be baked tomorrow. I figure that the wraps will be fine overnight, but I'm not sure about the other two. They have a panini press at the shop, so I'll use that once I get there, but how about assembly? Can I make them all the day before and refrigerate, or will that degrade quality?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I would slice everything advance and have in seperate containers and ready to assemble. I'd wait to slice the avacado and the tomato until just before assembly. If you have to assemble the night before, butter the bread well to cut down on the sog factor.

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      In a short magazine piece I read recently (sorry, don't recall which magazine; maybe GQ?) Tom Colicchio said something to the effect that in a sandwich "cheese stops all liquid."

    2. I'd leave the lettuce, tomato, pear & avocado for the last minute (have them ready in tupperware containers) and assemble the rest.

      1. if you do slice the tomato, when i worked in a cafe, we sliced them, and placed in a container with lots and lots of paper towel on the bottom. i guess it depends on your preference, i like them this way as it absorbes some of the juice and you don't have tomato running down your elbows.
        the avacado will probably go black if you do it ahead of time, best wait until you're ready to serve.

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          Ooh, good one! Maybe I'll slice a test tomato tonight and try that towel technique... see how long it tastes good for. Thanks!