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Dec 20, 2006 05:56 PM

help - need rec for restaurant in/around Doctors Hospital in San Pablo

Hi Hounds,

Can anyone recommend places to eat around Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo, 2000 Vale Road. ?

I have a friend who is visiting a very sick relative and needs suggestions for decent places to eat that aren't too far or difficult to get to.

They are open to any cuisine.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. There is a strip mall on the corner of Vale & San Pablo. I haven’t tried the taco shop and one poster did like the Filipino restaurant there more than I did

    Manila Bay Seafood

    The best and closest places would be close by on San Pablo. If on Vale, take a left at the stop light on the corner of San Pablo:

    Best Bet:

    The small strip mall called Adobe Plaza with La Strada & Tortas Los Picudos

    La Strada is a decent Italian restaurant and maybe the only really nice restaurant in the immediate area. The owners originally were from North Beach Restaurant in SF, so the food is along those lines.

    Tortas Los Picados is a few doors down from La Strada and the SF location got a very positive review recently. Great... Great... tortas. Then enchiladas are pretty good too. Very sandwich shop decor, very unfancy, but I love the place.

    There is a newish Chinese restaurant, Villa Modern. It is a pretty nice restaurant and I liked the food I tried on my visit.

    Further up on San Pablo is a Salvadoran restaurant that has great pupusas – El Tazumal

    Depending how far they want to drive, San Pablo Dam Road which is the street that ends at the Casino on San Pablo Avenue will take you to El Sobrante which has some of the better local restaurants. It is probably about three - four miles from the hospital.

    Good nearby fast food ... El Pollo Loco, Nation’s, Popeye’s. There are a few places on 23rd, but that might be confusing to get to from Vale. There’s a new Thai place, Baan Thai on 2229 23rd. Just stopped by for a menu, but it is nice inside. Pretty straight up Thai and they serve Pho too. You can also get either Lao or Thai style Larb.

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      Thank you rworange for such a detailed list, I've always appreciated your posts. This was very helpful.

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