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Fantastic Kosher (or Kosher Style) Appetizing or Deli? (Nassau)

My husband and I recently moved to Floral Park and have yet discover a place that satisfies our cravings for old time Jewish cuisine. We've been to Deli King & Dairy King and were extremely disappointed. (Don't order the stuffed cabbage! Yikes!)

We're planning a party and want to cater it with bagels and "appy". We think we'll get the bagels from "Hand-Rolled Bagels" in New Hyde Park. Maybe some whitefish, too. But where to get the rest??? Maybe some place in Great Neck?



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  1. The delis are thick in the Plainview area. Regal on Old County Road, corner with Manetto Hill (north-east corner), and Rueven's and Boomy's on South Oyster Bay Road, both on either side of Woodbury Road (eastern side), about 1/4 south of the Northern State.

    1. Deli on Rye in the Waldbaum's shopping center on Willis Ave. in Roslyn/Albertson is very good. There is always Ben's in Wheatley Plaza in Greenvale too. However, they only have meat. Bagel Boss in the Peninsula Shopping Center in Hewlitt has delicious appetizing.

      1. Fairway in Plainview has a good selection of lox, whitefish, sturgeon, pickled herring, etc. However, I don't like their baked salmon or whitefish salads. My mother buys hers from a bagel place somewhere in western Suffolk and it's delicious. I can ask where the shop is.

        She also swears by the Shoprite at 444 Woodbury Road (in the shopping center right past the corner of Woodbury and South Oyster Bay roads.) Since there's a large Jewish population in the area they tend to have a good appy selection. I believe the same person (Greenfield?) also owns the one in Morten Village.

        1. Only one answer - Andel's on Roslyn Road just of the LIE. They are family owned and have been there forever. Great stuff and transports you back in time.

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              Both, with separate areas and equipment.

          1. looks like they are deli. They have a web site


            1. If you are just looking for smoked fish, I've found that Fairway on Manetto Hill Road is very good. Strictly for lox, I like the Norwegian smoked salmon from Fresh Direct, but not their other stuff. I live in Great Neck, and the best of the bagel places is Bagel Hut, which is in the northern part of the village opposite Food Emporium.

              1. If you are going to venture into the Plainview area- it seems that everyone forgot about Bagel Boss on S. Oyster Bay Rd. for appy- simply top quality and attractive platters with excellent bagels - I think they may deliver.

                  1. What is the general consensus regarding Bruce's Bakery in Great Neck?

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                      We've had brunch there 5-6 times. When they seat you they set down a basket of baked goods. Mini muffins, crumb cake, rolls, etc. We always end up stuffing ourselves even though it's only mediocre. I usually order the bagel and smoked salmon plate. Again, it's passable but nothing great. My BF has had several of their omelet plates and the french toast. Also okay but nothing really special.

                      There aren't enough options where we are and we often find ourselves settling. If you're in the area, give it a try. You may like it. If not you haven't lost much and don't have to return. I definitely wouldn't consider it a destination place.

                    2. As long as Plainview is representing, the bagels and fish at Gold & Meyers on Old Country Road has consistently great fish and I prefer their bagels to the Boss chain. Regal's my favorite of the local delis. It seems that Ben's hasn't been mentioned? I know there's a bunch of 'em.

                      1. I doubt you will find a good deli on long island. sorry.

                        1. Try Pastrami Plus in East Meadow, just west of the Wantagh Parkway. Great pastrami, nice people, nondescript atmosphere.

                          1. Bagel Boss on Merrick Road in Merrick is the place I always go to if you want the top of the line when it comes to the smoked fishes etc. It is a kosher place, so no deli. It can be a bit expensive..so if you want something a little cheaper and almost as good, Shop Rite on Old Country Road in Plainview is next best.

                            1. i live in Plainview and the best place around, it draws from Nassau and Suffolk is Gold and Meyer, good lox, great white fish and white fish salad. I prefer their bagels to Bagel Boss.

                              1. Bagel Boss Merrick....The best lox / Nova. Kosher full catering. Delivery Menu online.. the bagels baked 24 hours. IMHO the best of its kind.