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sardines in tomato sauce


i have a couple of tins of sardines packed in tomato sauce. i did a search for sardines already and came up with a few ideas like sauteed with capers and lemon. i was wondering if anyone had anything else particularly delicious?


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  1. ahh, my secret craving... sardines.
    the wonderful nasty things you can do, i personally eat them, slightly warmed, on toast with S&P. i could eat them all day..
    i know......i'm disgusting, and i love it!

    1. Diced red onion and seeded tomato, chili powder or chili sauce of choice, chopped cilantro, lime juice to taste. Mix w/ sardines. No need to heat.

      1. I'm old fashioned when it comes to the eating of sardines: right out of the can, on a saltine cracker.

        And now, an anecdote:
        One childhood Thanksgiving many moons ago, I devoured an entire can of sardines by myself, and proceeded to vomit in the middle of a viewing of *The Empire Strikes Back* (pre-VCR era, on an actual projector). I believe I also finished the remnants of a few adult guests' alcoholic beverages, so the liquor-sardine combo was likely the upchuck inducer. Whereas many people have a lifelong aversion to something that made them violently ill, I continue to have a fondness for sardines....and liquor. I just know now not to combine them.

        1. Right out of the can on good bread. With a hunk of nice cheese and some decent wine.

          1. Sardine and mayo sandwich. Spread both slices of bread with lots of mayo, sandwich in the sardines, make sure you get in that tomato sauce. mmm so good. I used to eat this a lot.

            1. Mix the sardines, sauce and diced red onions and serve them on crackers. just be sure to invite me over when you do it.

              1. My first thought too was right out of the tin on crackers... although I have to admit I have yet to be wowed by any of the sardines in tomato sauce that I have tried; mustard sauce on the other hand... yum

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                  The plain or mustard sauce packed are my favorites, but I also like to whip up a little caper mayonnaise to plop on the bread/cracker. I'm sure it would be good with the tomato-packed sardines as well, come to think of it.

                  And yes, I agree - right out of the tin. But if you have cats in the house, this will make them crazy.

                  1. re: cayjohan

                    when i had one i gave him the leftover sauce.. made him very happy

                2. This is a great sandwich recipe using sardines in tomato sauce ~ The Great Sardini Sandwich


                  1. This is one of my quick "hurried nights" pasta sauces. Saute a can of sardines in some olive oil, garlic and chopped onions. Add some capers, toss in some pasta, and you'll have a quick hearty dinner dish.