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Dec 20, 2006 05:02 PM

NOPA reservations

We'd like to go to NOPA tonight, and I had heard about their 2pm reservation policy, but I just checked on their website and it says that they accept reservations up to one month in advance - anyone know exactly what to do? Thanks

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  1. I believe they eliminated their same-day policy earlier this month.

    1. I heard that they save some tables for day of.
      Hmm, can you call and find out and report back? There is a trick to the phone system...after you get throught the voicemail options, there is a point where you have to press 0 to get passsed to the front desk.

      1. I thought I read that as of early December they were taking reservations. I've not tried it so I don't know how difficult it is. We recently walked in - the wait was over an hour so we ate at the bar. There is also a communal table that may work, depending on the size of your party.

        1. So the update is that they started taking reservations in advance on December 1st. They still don't take them until 2pm though. If you call after 2, the voicemail will direct you to the receptionist. I got an answer right away and made reservations for 9pm on the same night. We got seated around 9:15.

          1. Reservations are taken from 2PM to midnight for dates up to one month in advance. Got through on the 1st try for a date in mid January. Much, much easier than the old system.