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The gift of meat - where to get steaks/meat to give as gift????

So I am stuck on what to get my family for christmas.
We are big barbecue/meat eaters and always short for time.

I was thinking something along the lines of what Dave Letterman gives his audience members - a box of meat - really good steaks/ burgers/ etc. . . .

Any recommendations on a good place in the T. Dot to get good steaks or the likes. . . . .

Thanks! and Happy Holidays

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  1. My choice for really fine steaks is Grace Meats on College St., corner Grace. Cheaper alternative is O Nosso Talho on Dundas just West of Dovercourt. For the really fancy spectacular cuts, with creative dressings and marinades, I would highly recommend the St. Lawrence Market, main floor toward the south end. (Front St. and Church)

    1. I ordered Prime Rib Roast from Cumbraes yesterday. Beautiful, dry aged 30 days and a wallet breaker. Healthy Butcher is also excellent.

      1. The BEST steak I've had in my life was a bison ribeye from Stoney Kepple Farms, a new vendor at the Riverdale Farmer's Market, and also available (according to the Stoney Kepple people but I haven't checked myself) at the Healthy Butcher.

        The ~very~ close second best steak I've ever had in my life was a hangar steak from Barreta(that doesn't seem right; please correct me if I've got the name wrong) Organic Meats, a vendor at the Thursday Dufferin Grove Farmer's Market.

        In both cases, I had the steaks at room temperature, salt and peppered liberally, and cooked them in a dry, very hot cast iron pan. The ribeyes I did for about 4 minutes per side, to rare; the hangar steak I cooked 4 minutes per side and then finished it in a 400 oven for 20 minutes, and it came out a perfect rare, edging into medium. They were both astonishingly good steaks that I'd be happy to have again and again...and again...and then some...

        ...if anyone gave me hangar steak or bison ribeyes, it would be the best Christmas ever...

        1. ...and you know you've come to the right place when everybody is trying to help you find good meat and no-one is saying "dude, the box of meat is supposed to be, like, a joke?" We're serious, but in a good way ;-)

          Happy, round-bellied holidays, Chow'nders. Hope all your holiday meals are chowiriffic...

          1. TT

            You need to try a Tri Tip. I get them from the St. Lawrence Market. Absolutely the best piece of beef I've ever had.


            1. Mmmm, I've used tri tip many times (I get mine from Royal, the only place I seem to find them consistently) but never as a slab o' steak. I'll have to try that next...
              ...nuthin' like a little competitive steak-trying...

              1. Oh yes, the Tri-Tip "roast", from Royal, but grilled and sliced as a steak, is one of the city's finest meat offerings!

                1. I, too, am a fan of Royal Beef's tri-tip. It's good for the budget-conscious, too, so great for a gift, because for a set amount of money, there'll be a lot more steak to go around.

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                      Danforth west of Woodbine, North side.

                  1. A little late, but many of the butchers at the St. Lawrence Market will vacuum pack their meat for you. We use Upper Cut as we find it is a good balance between quality and price, but higher end stuff is often at Whitehouse. I think letterman's gift meats are usually vacuum packed. It freezes very well.