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Prepared Lasagna Or . . . ?

Does anyone know of a place, preferably in Metrowest or Cambridge/Watertown/Newton where I can buy lasagna, manicotti, baked shells or the like, ready to pop in the oven? I mean good, genuine, old fashioned, red sauce style stuff that could past muster with a little old Italian lady from Naples. Namely my mother. I'm just not up to doing the whole Christmas feast this year so any and all suggestions gratefully accepted. Thanks.

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    1. re: vanna f.k.a. babette

      Strong 2nd for Bob's.

      They crank out all the prepared Italian classics. Delicious, plentiful, unfussy, very reasonably priced.


    2. city girl in inman sq. made to order, i believe.

      1. Don't laugh but you can find some really good manicotti, stuffed shells, ravioli and tortellini at BJ's Wholesale Club. They are in the freezer section sold under the name of Mama's Home Style. They are made by Venda Ravioli in Providence RI. I bought a 4 pound bag of stuffed shells yesterday at BJ's for $7.49. Just put them in a baking dish with some tomato sauce and bake them in the oven. They the only frozen brand I will buy. Give them a try!

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          Venda Ravioli makes excellent pasta!

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            wow, anything Venda makes is fantastic; I can't believe they're doing stuff at BJ's...what a deal!

          2. Gerry's Italian Kitchen in Watertown on Belmont St, the Verona in Watertown Square and the Chateau in Waltham all do large takeout pans. Maybe Greg's on the Watertown/Cambridge line does too.


            1. How about Comella's in West Newton?

              1. spinelli's east boston.......mmmmmmmmmmmm.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

                1. D'Agostino's in Arlington Heights is great for this type of thing.

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                    Are this the restaurant that used to be on Rt1? If so, I remember their take out trays being excellent in my youth (my mom would buy a sheet of lasagna and antipasto for parties as a special treat).

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                      D'Agostino's has 2 locations: 1297 Mass. Ave in Arlington and 11 Waterfield Road in Winchester. I have been to the Winchester location numerous times for their subs. You can check out their website at www.dagostinos-deli.com/. I'm not sure if they were ever on Rte 1.

                      1. re: buffet king

                        No, they were never on Route 1. They started in Arlington Heights and expanded only to Winchester and East Arlington, though they have since closed the one in East Arlington (I think the East Arlington store is called Dagg's now, but there is no connection at all between it and D'Agostino's).

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                        If you mean Rte 1 in Saugus, you're thinking of Augustine's - long gone and replaced by an entire strip mall with several large restaurants

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                          That's the place!! Gosh my addled brain is getting bad in my old age :( Thanks for jogging memory!

                    2. I don't like the lasagna all that much from D'agostino's; it's all cheese and very little sauce. But the lasagna at Bob's in Medford is indeed excellent. I'd go there for sure.

                      1. La Cantina in Framingham. Everything else is wretched but their red sauced items are quite good.

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                          We finally made it out to La Cantina Italiana the other day. It was rather disappointing, as the pizza had a cardboard taste to it (very bland!) and the lasagna was unevenly cooked--part of one side of it was extremely dry and tough, with the rest being kind of gloppy.

                          On the up side, the salad was very nice (good house dressing) and the minestrone soup had a lot of tasty veggies in it.

                        2. Dominic's in Waltham. All their food if great.

                          1. I have been wondering about Panzo's Market owned by Tomasso's in Southborough. Has anyone done takeout from there?


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                              Very pricey, and not the red sauce the OP is probably looking for.

                            2. Russo's lasagna bolognese is quite good. Ask for some extra sauce on it.
                              The vegetable lasagna is eh.