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Best cheesesteak in Dallas and surrounding metropolitan areas.

Just had a Jersey Mike's cheesesteak. Had to be the best one I ever ate in Dallas. Where are some other good cheesteaks? Please, for the love of God, nobody say Texadelphia.

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  1. The best that I know of is Fred's downtown philly on Custer & 15th in Plano http://www.guidelive.com/portal/page?....

    The food is great and it's true to the east coast philly joint looks inside. ** NOTE ** they are big philly sports fans as well, so don't go trash talking...

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      Wow, they doesn't look too expensive either. I'll definitely stop by sometime!

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        Fred's is great, but if you're a wiz person, you won't get any there. I'm not, so it's ok - but Billadelphia is my favorite (Hwy 157 off of I-183) and he'll do it either way. There's not really any seating at Billadelphia, so plan for takeout if you go there.


      2. There's a cheesesteak place downtown at Lamar and Ross -- it's a little hole-in-the wall joint and I don't know its name (something like "Philly Cheesesteaks," I think) but, having spent a fair amount of time in Philly some years ago, I can say that theirs are about as close to the real thing as you are likely to find in Texas. Big, too. Also: one order of fries is plenty for at least two people.

        1. There's a pretty good one on Dakota's lunch menu.


          1. I've been away for awhile, but what about Galligaskin's? I used to love them. Of course, time changes most things.

            1. I used to go to Fred's on Inwood before it closed down a couple years ago...Is the one in Plano still open? I LOVED Fred's I wish it was still in Dallas.

              Jersey Mike's is not too bad for hoagies and steaks but it is a chain...their steaks are much better than New England Cheesesteak though...

              Lenny's (another east coast chain) in downtown Dallas is better for hoagies but I decided against the Cheesesteak after they asked me if I wanted lettuce, tomato and ketchup on it...Better hoagies than anybody though...

              I am a mortgage broker and I speak at a lot of sales meetings for realtors, I bring a few trays of Jersey Mikes hoagies and they are always a big hit!

              Subway & Quiznos aren't even close, they are for the mainstream with no taste...

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                I went to Lenny's yesterday for the cheesesteak. It was pretty good. The best I've had in Dallas yet.

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                  Lenny's is down the street from my office and makes a great cheesesteak, although, no whiz. the lettuce/tomato question is an aberation of the sometime clueless folks who work there and have never seen a real cheesesteak in its native habitat.

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                    They ask you if you want lettuce and tomato. It is not mandatory. What is the big deal? You can get it however you want.

                2. Yes Fred's in plano is still open, in fact it's looking good for lunch today.

                  1. Billadelphia's (not texadelphia) is pretty good if you're in the mid cities. Good rolls, wit wiz or prov. although when you ask for peppers you'll get jalepeno's. It's a shack on the west bound side of 820 about 1/2 mile before you get to sh 121.

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                      just visited Billadelphia's last week , when you ask for peppers ( hot and or sweets ) you will NOT get jalepeno's, you will get the traditional hot or sweet cherry peppers, if you ask specificaly for jalepenos, you will get jalepenos, they keep them on hand just in case someone reuest them. I spent the first 30 years of my life in philly, Billadelphia's has the best cheesesteak that i've tried since moving to Texas in 1998.

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                        I got jalapenos when i asked for peppers too

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                          As bad as I believe Billadelphias has been the last few times I have been there, I can say that you will never get a Jalapeno there. I though the same thing and asked, they told me it was a sweet cherry pepper that they slice themselves. It has the same apperance as a Jalapeno.
                          PS-- Now if they can only stop stewwing their meat, it might be ok.

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                        I've been there he had a place in Arlington as well but it closed, it's not bad he's from the Grays Ferry area around 30th and reed we shot the shit one time we knew some of the same people he also has real south philly Italian water ice try the chocolate

                      3. Hmm, sounds like at least some of these cheesesteak places were opened by Northeast transplants. For those who've eaten up in Philly, how do these babies compare to the originals as far as authenticity?

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                          Billadelphia's puts out an authentic Philly cheesesteak. I'm a Philly transplant and have to say, the steaks remind me a lot of home. The place is run by a Philly-area transplant.

                          Here's my review:

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                            Thanks guys. I'm gonna try one of these when I make it downw to Dallas later this year.

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                              FYI: went over to Billadelphia's to grab dinner tonight and they told me Bill is opening a second location in Arlington, on Cooper near the football stadium.

                              Indulged in a cheesesteak hoagie which was good, but not as good as a regular cheesesteak. Still just like home though!

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                                Now that I think about it, maybe it's going to be on Collins... That's what I get for not writing it down.

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                            they compare quite well - Billadelphia in particular, but Fred's is also quite good.

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                              Never been to Fred's, but next time I get up to Plano, I'll have to remember to check it out.

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                                The most fun part of freds is to go in during footbal season and trash talk philly. They just go nuts!

                                (of course after you get your food)

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                                  I'll go in there and trash talk the Cowboys. They'll love me!
                                  I could never trash talk the Eagles, no matter how badly they suck. I bleed green!

                            2. re: pbergen

                              They don't compare it just fills the void I was in Philly November first thing off the plane straight to Pats

                            3. There's no such thing as a good cheesesteak in Dallas,
                              But my personnel opinion Fred's is close it's not Pats or Tony lukes but it fills that void I'm a South Philadelphian born and raised

                              1. I think the Truckyard has about as good a cheesesteak as you will find in these parts. Give it a go. I like it with white american and Whiz