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Dec 20, 2006 04:46 PM

Best cheesesteak in Dallas and surrounding metropolitan areas.

Just had a Jersey Mike's cheesesteak. Had to be the best one I ever ate in Dallas. Where are some other good cheesteaks? Please, for the love of God, nobody say Texadelphia.

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  1. The best that I know of is Fred's downtown philly on Custer & 15th in Plano

    The food is great and it's true to the east coast philly joint looks inside. ** NOTE ** they are big philly sports fans as well, so don't go trash talking...

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    1. re: irodguy

      Wow, they doesn't look too expensive either. I'll definitely stop by sometime!

      1. re: irodguy

        Fred's is great, but if you're a wiz person, you won't get any there. I'm not, so it's ok - but Billadelphia is my favorite (Hwy 157 off of I-183) and he'll do it either way. There's not really any seating at Billadelphia, so plan for takeout if you go there.

      2. There's a cheesesteak place downtown at Lamar and Ross -- it's a little hole-in-the wall joint and I don't know its name (something like "Philly Cheesesteaks," I think) but, having spent a fair amount of time in Philly some years ago, I can say that theirs are about as close to the real thing as you are likely to find in Texas. Big, too. Also: one order of fries is plenty for at least two people.

        1. There's a pretty good one on Dakota's lunch menu.


          1. I've been away for awhile, but what about Galligaskin's? I used to love them. Of course, time changes most things.

            1. I used to go to Fred's on Inwood before it closed down a couple years ago...Is the one in Plano still open? I LOVED Fred's I wish it was still in Dallas.

              Jersey Mike's is not too bad for hoagies and steaks but it is a chain...their steaks are much better than New England Cheesesteak though...

              Lenny's (another east coast chain) in downtown Dallas is better for hoagies but I decided against the Cheesesteak after they asked me if I wanted lettuce, tomato and ketchup on it...Better hoagies than anybody though...

              I am a mortgage broker and I speak at a lot of sales meetings for realtors, I bring a few trays of Jersey Mikes hoagies and they are always a big hit!

              Subway & Quiznos aren't even close, they are for the mainstream with no taste...

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              1. re: jpark31

                I went to Lenny's yesterday for the cheesesteak. It was pretty good. The best I've had in Dallas yet.

                1. re: jpark31

                  Lenny's is down the street from my office and makes a great cheesesteak, although, no whiz. the lettuce/tomato question is an aberation of the sometime clueless folks who work there and have never seen a real cheesesteak in its native habitat.

                  1. re: tmayson

                    They ask you if you want lettuce and tomato. It is not mandatory. What is the big deal? You can get it however you want.