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Dec 20, 2006 04:45 PM

Are there any upscale vietnamese places in SD?

I am looing for something beyond the usual Pho joints(which i love). Higher end Vietnamese food has been amazing in my experiences. Will i have to head up to Orange County?

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  1. Usually the restaurants which offer the '7 courses of Beef' - although many of these are Pho restaurants.

    There used to be an upscale French-Vietnamese in Rancho Bernardo but I think that it is long gone.

    I definitely reccomend Westminster. Best vietnamese grocery I have been to is located there as well.

    1. There is an upscale Vietnamese restaurant in Hillcrest off University called Saigon on 5th. Never eaten there though, although its on my list of places I want to try.

      1. Not sure that I've even had high-end Vietnamese, but Convoy Noodle House (across from O'Brien's) does a nice 7 course beef. I also like their grilled beef in grape leaves. Those dishes run around $10-12.

        Pho Pasteur, which I just went to the other night, sells fresh crab and lobster dishes. I had a very good meal there. They're in the same parking lot as K Sandwiches, on Linda Vista Rd. and Mesa College Dr.

        1. I've never had what I consider to be a good version of 7 course of beef in San Diego, and I've always been disappointed.
          When you say "upscale" do you mean in decor & style - like The Slanted Door, or do you mean a wide array of various dishes, regardless of atmosphere. Nothing close to The Slanted Door in San Diego.

          For dishes like Lobster in Tamarind Sauce, Be Thui(sort of a roasted beef with ginger sauce), crab steamed in beer, and other dishes you may want to try Que Huong.

          Que Huong Restaurant
          4134 University Ave
          San Diego, CA 92105

          I've had mixed results but some of the dishes I've witness coming out of the kitchen look really great.

          Another good thing is that they are open til midnight.

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            Que Huong was the place I went to in City Heights. It was pretty good, but I preferred the food I had at Pho Pasteur. Pho Pasteur (or Anh Hong - hard to tell, they have two signs) has a very similar menu, including Lobster in Tamarind and various fresh crab dishes.

          2. Thanks Kirk i will give this a try. While i would like to have a slanted door here, i knew i probably couldnt and meant a wider array of dishes with a little better atmosphere