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Island Roots Guamanian Cuisine

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Any one else see this review?

I'll try it just for the novelty factor.


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  1. I must say, as one who spent a couple of years stationed at the Navy base on Guam, that "Guam cuisine" sounds a lot like "military intelligence".

    We used to go up to the Guam Okura, or the AAFB O-club, for a decent meal.

    Cheers -- Pete Tillman

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      I have not tried the restaurant yet, but look forward to it. I lived in Guam for several years and could not disagree more with your statement about the quality of food on the island. Every fiesta had some of the most tasty grub I have ever had, and I have lived all over the country as well as in Guam. I guess like many people in the military on Guam, you didn't get out much.

      1. re: PaulK

        I think you'd better hurry, if you want to try it. I've never seen much of a lunch crowd. The parking lot was always empty when I drove by daily during the lunch hour in Feb and March of this year. The restaurant is fairly large, so, I can't image the rent being very cheap.

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          I had lunch there on Thursday and enjoyed it very much. I had the teriyaki chicken with finedeni sauce. Love the sauce. I also had chicken kelaguin which was very good. The red rice and lumpia was very good too. I hope they are able to stick around. By the way, I called in my order and it was ready in 15 minutes.

    2. I am heading here for lunch today - I'll report back!

      1. Back from lunch....

        The place is bright cheerful/festive and clean. The owners were very nice too.

        Food was great in a simple way- mix of foods that seemed similar in some ways to Hawaii-Japanese-Chinese-Latin American. Even some Spam on the menu. :)

        Great chicken dishes, try the red rice.

        Friday & Sat nights they apparently have live music and hula dancers. The owner said there are about 4,000 Guamanians (or people who lived there) living in Maricopa County and a lot have been coming in after hearing about the place word-of-mouth.

        I would recommend it and will go again.

        1. Thanks for the review. My husband has been intrigued by this place since it opened. I haven't been as intrigued but I"ll have to suggest to him we try it on a Fri and Sat night. He grew up on Maui so probably would enjoy some Spam! :)

          1. Oh yes! I have been to Maui several times and Island Roots reminded me of the local (non tourist) restaurants on the Island. He'll prob love it!

            If you are not convinced of Spam's finer qualities or are wary of the braised-forever mystery pepper chicken, try the Teriyaki Chicken - it's lean, flavorful and comes with a can't-miss dipping sauce. I met my dad for lunch and he ordered that and loved it (so did I).

            1. IF they have plate lunches - two scoops - he'll be in heaven!


              (any signs of macaroni salad, another of his nostalgic favorites?)

              1. Sadly no macaroni salad!! I was expecting they may have it, but none. :(

                Otherwise, same 2 scoops of rice, fried rice, BBQ, shrimp, beef, chicken, etc.

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                  Was very hungry when I headed out to Island Roots today for brunch around 215p. I ordered the vegetarian pancit off of the lunch menu. Unfortunately, I was not at all impressed with the dish. Had the kitchen staff been willing to omit celery from the preparation, I would have gladly ordered another entree- either the chicken adobo or the bbq chicken plate. But the answer was no on the celery. I would've tried the lumpia, as well, but celery is an allergen for me. I took a few forkfuls of the pancit, didn't like it, paid, and left. If I go back again, I might try the adobo and bbq dishes... but it won't be anytime soon as there are other must-visit restaurants on my list!

                  Kirsten, macaroni salad and potato mac salad are both listed as side items, but perhaps they were not offered at the time you visited...

                2. I stopped in for lunch today - I'm Filipino so had to try the lumpia and pancit with chicken. I loved their version of the lumpia, pancit was good although a bit on the salty side. Very friendly place. I'll be back again.

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                      Hi gg! What other Filipino dishes did the restaurant offer?

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                        The only other Filipino dish I saw was the chicken and pork adobo. I think its time to take a trip back there and investigate....LOL

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                          Marunong ka ba mag Tagalog? Oh, how I miss Shirley when she used to own and run Lumpia Factory! The food she prepared were not the greasy fare that all of the Chandler Filipino cuisine establishments offer. I will definitely visit Island Roots next week, if not tomorrow (I want to try Orange Table for brunch and possibly swing by Siamese Cat, Vegetarian House, La Fontanella, or Wildfish for happy hour or dinner).

                    2. I went a while back and greatly enjoyed it. From what I could tell, they do pretty decent business at dinner time.

                      1. my friend from Guam cooks something she calls Stu Fau..which I think is Stewed Fowl....anyone know what this is...is it the same as Chicken Adobo?

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                          It is stewed chicken and somewhat similar to adobo. Here is a pretty standard recipe for Chicken Estufao. http://www.guamdiner.com/recipe/recip...

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                            The recipe sounds just like adobo. How I miss the dish!! Filipinos either use chicken or pork, or a mixture of the two, and sometimes, we add hard-boiled eggs.