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chestnuts, any ideas?

Anyone made or eaten something wonderful with chestnuts? I have some fresh ones, may just end up candying them and putting them in ice cream, but I'm trying to think of something more interesting and less dairy-based.


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  1. STUFFING!!!!! Apple chestnut!

    1. roasted with brussel sprouts

      1. Those are good ideas, something with apple could work. I'm leaning towards a not-too-sweet dessert or something that will keep and can be nibbled on for a few days. My Dad likes chestnuts, so I was going to make him something for his birthday (today) or christmas. He's a well managed diabetic who loves cheese, so I was thinking maybe a goat cheesecake with candied chestnuts. He does like sweets but my Mom yells at me when I give him too much sweets or cheese with a short shelf life. Any ideas for a chestnut condiment to go with cheese - maybe just cooked in honey? This is why I'm stumped - something small, really shows off the chestnuts, won't p.o. my mother..........

        1. Soup made with chestnuts and apple cider.

          1. If all else fails, split them or cut a slit into them and roast them in the oven. I have done it, and eaten them out of the shells. If you do not split them, they might explode in the oven.

            1. Ooo ooo. I just bought and roasted some the other day; kept the leftovers (can you use leftover chestnuts?) Anyway, I found a nice recipe for easy chestnut ravoili in brown butter sauce; how good does that sound? I look forward to trying this out tonight.


              The other ideas I dug up were to put in stuffing and brussel sprouts, another great idea. My grandmother used to make chestnut stuffing every holiday, but I never liked it as a child. Boy, if I only knew what i was missing. I immediately smelled her house when I popped open one of the roasted chestnuts.

              1. I like roasting them and then using them in a pumpkin risotto that I found from Jamie Oliver. Recipe is here:

                  1. Roasted chestnuts, put through a ricer and cooled, can be sealed in freezer bags and frozen. Add them to chocolate cake batter, risotto, ravioli filling, stuffing, red cabbage...

                    1. Boiled, drained and then rolled in powdered sugar with a pinch of salt before lightly frying. This makes a tasty snack or garnish. I was surprised at how easy it was to do, they come out all shiny with a crackly sugar layer over them. Remember to drain well, though.

                      1. chocolate chestnut cream. Also, I have thought about whole roasted chestnuts in the bottom of a chocolate custard, or in a chocolate terrine.
                        chestnuts and pumpkin are good together too. chestnut and pumpkin custard?