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Dec 20, 2006 04:16 PM

Dad and Son Lunch in Financial District

My six year old and I are going to BART it to the Financial District Friday for some shopping. What do you recommend for a truly San Francisco lunch experience?

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  1. When we were living in the Bay Area, our holiday tradition was Union Square shopping which included lunch at Kuletos.

    1. I'd head to Sam's Grill or Tadich Grill.

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      1. re: Mari

        Lower prices and often no lines at Sam's, which does basically the same food, and is closer to most of the shopping.

      2. Our's is always at the Tadich Grill. Go early or be prepared to enjoy a martini or glass of wine while you wait.

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        1. re: rtmonty

          Aw, it's always the gin & tonic for me. For some reason they always taste better at Tadich.

        2. Another vote for Sam's or Tadich's. Sam's is likely to be less crowded, though I'd avoid prime time - neither place is great for waiting, especially with a kid. Sam's is closer to Union Square, assuming that is where you are planning to shop.

          1. If you go to Sam's (which I recommend), ask if you can be seated in one of the private booths for two people (assuming your son would get a kick out of that).