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Dec 20, 2006 04:13 PM

Fresh figs?

Can anyone tell me the most likely place to find fresh figs on a regular basis? (some Loblaws seem to stock them, but not consistently)...I have a hankering for figs stuffed with gorgonzola cheese, wrapped in proscuitto...heated just till the cheese melts..yum!! (oh yes..somewhere below Bloor would be preferable in terms of location..)

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  1. Harvest Wagon on Yonge just south of the Summerhill LCBO, or Harvest Wagon Too, on Eglinton east of Chaplin Cres.

    Have you tried St. Lawrence Market?

    1. I think they'll be scarce and expensive this time of year. Figs are no longer in season. This fall they were CHEAP and abundant, but I'm not seeing them around anymore.

      1. I saw some at St. Lawrence market yesterday.

        1. I saw them in abundance in the fall too..and you are right (Nyleve) they were really cheap! I wonder what out of season figs are like? I think I will check at St. Lawrence on the weekend..thanks for the tips.

          1. Figs, I think, are in season in the late summer to early winter. I was seeing them up until about October, but not so much these days. The fancypants places like the Harvest Wagon may have them, if you're willing to mortgage a kidney, but I don't think most places will have them until next summer
            ..but if you find some, let us know. Figs with mascarpone is one of my favourite things ever...