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Dec 20, 2006 04:03 PM

Report on some new W. Village restaurants

Our best find is Ido, a delightful sushi restaurant on 7th Ave. South below Bleecker on the east side of the street for pleasant service, delicious special rolls (try seared salmon or tuna - or any of their combos). Waverly Inn was fun for a one-shot, don't think we'll go back; it's neither fish nor fowl with the old atmosphere and new menu. The Peruvian chicken place on 7th Ave. South near Grove lacks atmosphere but has delicious chicken (seasoned and marinated) and we like the side of beans - though the order seemed small for the price (at least, for take-out). We have a new tapas place almost finished on 7th Ave. South & W. 10th that looks promising. And we're waiting for the new Mc Nally Italian on Waverly.

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