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Dec 20, 2006 04:02 PM

Cheesemongers / NZ camembert in Chicago?

My wife and I went to NZ for our honeymoon and one of the things she fell in love with was the various dairy products down there, inclusive of camembert cheese.

We're expecting our first in early February and on the short list of foods she is looking forward to eating again (inclusive of good Rieslings and tuna melt sandwiches from The Patio) is unpasteurized cheese.

There are plenty of good French and American camemberts, but being the devoted, loving husband and future daddy that I am, I wanted to try to do it up right.

I'm in the import / export biz so I already know what a huge pain the a** Customs, Food & Drug and Agriculture / USDA can be. Does anybody know if NZ dairy products are permissible for entry or can recommend a good cheesemonger who might know? Whole Foods has got some good stuff in their place, but I'm looking for somebody whose core business is cheese who can hopefully provide me with the right answer.

Thanks in advance.

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    1. There's a place on Western near the Brown Line stop called "The Cheese Stands Alone." I've never visited, but I do get the distinct impression they're pretty much exclusively about cheese.

      The Cheese Stands Alone
      4547 N Western Ave
      Chicago, IL 60625
      (773) 293-3870

      Happy cheesing!

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        I think The Cheese Stands Alone is exactly what the poster is seeking. I have visited here a few times, and have always been able to taste and buy new and interesting cheeses. I have only been served by the women who work there. They have been VERY knowledgable every time I've visited. My tastebuds are always surprised each time I visit.

      2. You also have excellent cheese selections at: Whole Foods and Sams Wine off North Avenue near Goose Island, and Binny's at 3000 N. Clark is pretty good too.