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Best Italian UWS? but also kid friendly/upscale casual

Best Italian in UWS that is kid friendly/upscale casual?

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  1. Spiga.. Best Italian food.. Its not a family restaurant, but if your child or children are well behaved it wouldnt be a problem

    1. San Luigi at 75th and Amsterdam. It's recently opened and I've not eaten there yet, but the menu looks good and fairly "American" Italian, the space (formerly Gabriella's, then Mama Goo's) is open and looks kid-friendly. Apparently the place has flat screen TVs on which you can watch your food being cooked. Fairly good reviews at http://www.menupages.com/restaurantde...

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        lots of kids each time I ate at San Luigi - very average food and shoddy service, but should work.

        Celeste is a good option, but a bit cramped. You might look at Gennaro as well.

        Of course, there's always Patsy's Pizza..

      2. hmm...celeste is casual and kid friendly. not really "upscale" but the food is delicious.

        1. i've eaten at san luigi. yup, average and shoddy service!!! it's unfortunate b/c it shows some promise for one reason or another. patsy's might be your best bet but it's not really upscale. bertolla and pomidoro are both excellent and upscale but neither strike me as being particularly kid-friendly places. you might want to take a peak and judge for yourself. celeste is good but, i agree, cramped. several people like carmine's on bdwy and w80s but i can't recommend it for good italian food (maybe b/c i'm italian). it is a fun experience with huge, family-style portions - definitely kid-friendly. i will keep thinking about this one. curious to see what the others say. hmmmm.... i'm now thinking pomodoro may really be your best bet. check it out on menupages.com. i don't disagree with the genarro reco. oh, and then there's sambuca (across from the dakota on w72 bet CPW and columbus.) definitely kid-friendly, somewhat upscale and family style portions but the food isn't fabulous. place is really nice inside, though. i live closeby. it's always packed. i'm curious to hear what you decide and how it works out.

          1. Not upscale but pleasant atmosphere, good service, good food, good wine and kids are there all the time--Pizzabolla--Amsterdam and 92 Street.

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              i was gonna recommend this place as well but felt i was rambling too much. i agree.

            2. Wow, a lot to consider. I actually had read about Betolla and will consider the other's as well. I thought Celeste didn't take reservations. I'd need to with the kids in tow. Thanks! Will report back.

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                I do think Bettola has better food than the other options (Celeste will give most children ADD if they didn't have it going in) and does take reservations. And kids will like the pizza at Bettola. If you didn't mention "upscale," I might have suggested Pizzabolla, which isn't as good as Bettola but has decent pizzas, an informal atmosphere, and pleasant service.

              2. Just wanted to follow up...We decided to eat at Bettola which was delicious and perfect for the kids but still a nice adult atmosphere. The pizza was great and the food very good. One in our group thought the food was better at Celeste but the pizza better at Bettola. But agreed that it was key to have the reservation capability. Thanks for all the help!

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                  Thanks for the report. I agree that the non-pizza stuff at Celeste is perhaps slightly better than Bettola, but I love the spelt salad at Bettola. That and a pizza is a perfect meal for me. I rarely go to Celeste anymore because it is more pleasant at Bettola.

                  Bettola is usually not crowded during weekday lunches, and you can linger and talk with no attitude from the staff at all.

                2. thanks for following up and glad bettola worked for you. i don't always trust my judgement. bettola is such a lovely place and i had no idea that it would be accomodating to children. good to know!! i have to return to celeste as i haven't been there in several yrs.