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Dec 20, 2006 03:43 PM

Restaurants with a dessert tasting menu?

Anyone have thoughts of restaurants with a dessert tasting menu? Not Chikalicious, Room4Dessert, or Kyotofu - rather, a place to have a full meal followed by dessert tasting. Price is not much of an issue; neither is cuisine.

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  1. WD-50 used to have one with Sam Mason in the house. Don't know about the current pastry chef though.

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    1. re: souldawg

      They definitely still do, as it's listed online with the new pastry chef's name there. Has anyone tried it? I've asked this recently and not gotten a response.

      1. re: Spoony Bard

        I haven't had the dessert only tasting menu, but had it in context of the chef's tasting menu. I believe it came with three courses of dessert. If you just do a dessert-only tasting menu, you have the option of three or five desserts.

        I liked WD-50 to an extent. The food was well-prepared and flavor combinations new. But I'm really glad that I got the tasting menu because I wouldn't have wanted to eat an entire plate of anything that was served to me on the tasting menu.

        I did feel, however, that the desserts were A LOT better than the food. While desserts were innovative, they were still more comfortable to my palate where I could finish an entire plate.

        1. re: Spoony Bard

          I just recently had the dessert tasting menu at WD-50 and it was incredible, amazing, wonderful. . .

        1. Landmarc has a "one of each" option -- six small desserts

          1. I've had dessert samplers at Blue Smoke and Eleven Madison Park. Not sure if they're on the menu, though--we know people there.

            1. I find that when tasting menus at fine restaurants approach eight or nine courses, often three or even four of those courses are dessert. Babbo and Cru in particular come to mind.