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Dec 20, 2006 03:43 PM

Piccolo on Carlton

Anybody tried this place yet? I noticed it on a walk home. Apparently it's been open 3.5 mo. Who knew? Anyway the place was completely empty on a Thursday night at about 7pm. Wanna figure out if it's a bad restaurant or just a bad publicist before I commit my hubby to it.

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  1. If only a publicist could make that stretch of Parliament a better restaurant strip. The House on Parliament is consistently pretty good, but otherwise . . .
    Haven't seen Piccolo yet, but hoping it fares better than all the rest.

    1. I went to Piccolo last Saturday with 5 of my close friends. I must say the food was fantastic. I had the beef tenderloin as my main dish, and there was no knife needed as the beef was so tender. The desserts were all homemade and even though we were all full we couldn't resist. I definatley recommend this place. The atmosphere is very intimate and the staff extremely knowlageable and friendly.

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        Interesting sta, how you chose Piccolo as the restaurant to post your first message!

      2. the downstairs bar is a tight squeeze but very nice for chilling and hosts the occasional book launch/reading by canadian authors.

        1. I just had dinner at Piccolo's on Carlton and I have to say I was very impressed. I have walked by so many times and for one reason or another just didn't consider it as a place to go. But tonight we were a bit bored and decided to give it a try and what a surprise. We had pizza and the house wine and both were great. The pizza is terrific - excellent base and a good selection of toppings. Since it was midweek we went for the house wine and it turned out to be a good match. They had even brought out warm bread to start with our salad. At the end of our meal they gave us a shot of sambucca gratis. It was delightful all round. The service was excellent, the decor was just what you expect for Victorian Italian, if you will. It was intimate without being too hush, hush. There is a patio outside but we wanted to be inside because it looked like rain. It was empty which is a shame because the place should be full. The prices were good as well. We will certainly go again for both a more formal meal and for a quick pizza.

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              When we arrived they brought us warm foccacia with a ricotta cheese spread and water, we then shared a salad that was a good mix of leaves, some delicious grapefruit and lovely little parcel of goat's cheese, we each had a pizza and a glass of wine, they then brought us a sambucca gratis. The total bill was $63.00 plus tip. I think that was very reasonable. The pizzas were in the $13.00 range. They did have a lot more on offer but we only went to for a quick supper while on our way to something else.

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                hm that is very reasonable. thanks !

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                  My experience has been the same Hungry. The food is terrific. The best in Cabbagetown so far. The prices are unbelievably reasonable.

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                    I'll chime in to agree with the favourable reviews of Piccolo. DH and I went for dinner a few weeks ago - we each had a cocktail, appetizer, main, and then shared a yummy dessert. Including tax and tip, it was $90. We don't make it out of Hair of the Dog for that little. And we enjoyed the sambuca shooters with the bill, too. :-) Service was friendly and the room was lovely. We'll be back for sure.

          1. Finally, finally, finally somebody noticed! I adore this little place from top to bottom. Great neighbourhood trat. The comment "grilled calamari are just trat-standard" I consider to be a compliment. As tender a calamari as I have ever had.