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Dec 20, 2006 03:29 PM

Pudding Basin

my husband is a brit and i am making him a christmas pudding using a bbc food recipe. they have several recipes which let you make the pudding the week before rather than months in advance! in any case, i don't have a pudding basin, nor can i seem to locate one locally. i am thinking of using a nice emile henry mixing bowl - would that do?

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  1. You can get pyrex pudding bowls everywhere - eg Bed Bath & Beyond. The mixing bowl may crack while the pudding is being cooked, depending on its composition.

    1. I'm planning on making a persimmon pudding for the first time in many years and spent several hours in different stores trying to decide what to use as the vessel in which to cook the pudding. My aunt, from whom I got the recipe, used to use a metal mold, often used for gelatin salads back in the 60s. I've used 3 pound coffee cans, 1 pound coffee cans and Anchor Hocking mugs for varying sizes of my puddings, and have decided this year to go with a two quart Anchor Hocking bowl that the manufacturer states is oven safe.

      1. I'm amending my reply. I have purchased a stainless steel bowl for less than $4 (found it at WalMart) that I feel will be idea for my purpose.