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Dec 20, 2006 03:27 PM

Worst Meal of 2006

I saw the "Worst Meal of 2006" thread for San Diego. How about Dallas Chowhounds, what's the worst meal you've had this past year? Doesn't necessarily have to have been at a restaurant.

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  1. Without a doubt, a meal at Fish on Fire in Addison. This place portrays itself as one of those "what we don't have in ambience we make up in food". The hush puppies were pre-formed, frozen logs, the gumbo was tasteless, the fish tacos had hardly any fish in it, and their house specialty - Mexican shrimp cocktail was overwhelmed with sauce. And this place got THREE STARS in the DMN!

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      Scagnetti: Three stars, I am beginning to believe, means, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

    2. We went to a chain Tex-Mex restaurant. We sat for fifteen minutes without anyone even coming near our table. Finally, the "chip boy" dropped a basket of chips on our table. No smile, no hello, no salsa. We waited five more minutes, and someone else came over and dropped two glasses of water on our table. Again, no smile, no hello, no eye contact.

      After waiting another five minutes (for a total of almost a half-hour) and not seeing a waiter, let alone having one take our order (or anyone even speaking a word to us), we decided to get up and leave. On the way out the door, we spoke with the manager, whose only words to us were "Sorry! Have a nice night!".

      I guess you could say it was the Worst Meal of 2006 we never had.

      1. Texas Land & Cattle. And second place isn't close.

        1. A sunday evening dinner at Mi Cocina on Legacy in Plano. I ordered tacos al carbon, medium rare, and they arrived with stiff tortillas and meat that had been reheated in a microwave (and was gray). When the brought out the second try, the tortillas were softer but the meat was reheated on the grill (and was gray.) Price of this privilege: $16.95 for "ribeye" tacos. Price of never having to eat at Mi Cocina again: inestimable.

          1. Not necessarily the worst (many parts of the dinner were actually quite good) but definately the most disappointing. Laidback Manor (which I think has recently shut its doors) in Houston. I had such high hopes/expectations for this restaurant. It was trying to bring cutting edge cuisine (like WD-50 or Alinea) to Texas.

            The chef/owner's food was a modest success at best. The service was some of the worst I had ever seen. The waitstaff was more suited for a Sizzler restaurant than a fine culinary establishment. As one illustration of their ineptitude, I had commented to one waiter that the "homemade" pasta was a little too thick and toothy. He proceeded to give me a diatribe on how that improperly made/cooked pasta is how it is intended to be and if I knew anything about "al dente", I would know appreciate that. This utter lack of knowledge and humility was encountered throughout the evening and is probably the reason that, despite some decent food, the restaurant is no more.